Poly Nov 2008?


Just called to book my room (or at least get prices) for November of 2008 at the Poly and the CM told me there are no rooms available!! Can this be? I checked on the Disney website too and it kept giving me the Grand Flo instead. Do you think they are really all booked or do you think the reservations haven’t opened up yet for those rooms? It is Thanksgiving week, but I even asked for conceirge rooms and those were booked to! What do you think?


I’m pretty sure those dates have not been released yet.:mickey:


I called for the Beach Club Feb 2008 and was told there were no rooms left but waterview . . . the CM felt there was a big convention booked or something. She told me to try back closer in!

It’s possible . . . last year the week before Xmas I got $84/night at the Coronado . . . no deal, except that a HUGE conference was canceled so they were trying to refill the rooms!! That was my best deal ever . . . a moderate for the price of a value . . . wish that would happen again!!! :laugh: :mickey:


When I called to book 5 nights in January at the Poly for garden view they told me there were no garden view rooms left so I decided to call back about 4 hours later just to see what someone else would tell me and they were available so I booked my reservations for a garden view.


I would agree that the rooms haven’t been released yet. Seems odd, but you never know what might be happening. Rooms could be blocked off for certain reasons and be released for booking closer to that date.


the CM seemed pretty confident that they were sold out - maybe due to a convention or something! I do also feel that those rooms just haven’t been released yet. At least that’s what I’m hoping!:mickey:


No. It can’t be. They aren’t booking that far in advance. The CM may have been confused and thought you wanted Noevember 2007, though.


No, actually she for sure checked 2008 since we were talking alot about the new 2008 changes with the dining plan, etc. I even just tried to go on the Disney website and it told me nothing was available so instead tried to offer me a suite at the GF!!!


I remember years ago when I traveled with my parents and there were not many hotels to choose from, in order to get into the Contemporary or Poly you need to call at least a year in advance, sometimes 2. Anyone else remember this?


It’s very possible it did book out. Keep trying back for cancellations. That’s a popular resort and a popular time to go to WDW…if you are going to do a monorail resort, that’s the best one in my opinion. (sorry R2go) If you called and tried booking online, it’s sold out. If you were just unable to do it online, I would think that it was a stupid computer glitch. Try for the contemporary.


Hmmmmmmmmm… :confused:

Maybe not all rooms are released yet??? :confused:

FYI- I booked my room at Poly Jan 07 for staying Dec 07.

Did you try someone who books packages and might have a certain amount of rooms allotted to them? I was a travel agent so I know they do that.
I book thru AAA Travel Agency, might try a TA, I dunno…

Good Luck!!


I’ve got good news. If you check in on Nov 18 and out on Nov 24 you can have at $500 a night, or $3376. they also have a one bedroom concierge suite available for a total of $6,008. Not sure if these dates work for you, but the Poly is available.


The Grand Floridian’s also available.


That may be the big Lotusphere conference I used to go to. It is always the end of January or beginning of February. It always books up the Y&BC, Swan, and Dolphin and has been known to also fill the Boardwalk! ! ! ! One year I ended up with some of my folks booked in the CSR because everything else was full.

It is actually a good time to go since all those guests are in meeting during the day and not in the parks! At least that is what my DW and DD tells me as I was always in those meetings as well, lol.