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We’re staying there in October. Are the renovations complete on all of the longhouses?


I’m sorry, I’m bumping this up because I’m curious too. When are the renovations supposed to be complete?


I’m going to say they’re done, but I think AllEarsNet has current refurb updates to be sure.

Polynesian Resort Fact Sheet
Building by building resort refurb info is available here.


Thanks Soundgod. Half the time I don’t even think to check allears, but they always have the answers!


When we were there in July we stayed in the Tahiti building which was not yet refurbished, the Tovelu building was in the middle of the rehab, and one other building (forget the name) was almost finished.


As of right now Tahiti and Tokelau are closed. Captain Cook’s is relocated temporarily and some of the rooms that were completed this year and last are getting what they call “go backs”. The “go backs” are some of the new items that were not ready when they first did the rooms like the headboards and lighting. They will not close the whole building to do the “go backs” and they should be done by October with the “go backs” Rapa Nui will need to still get the new sliding glass doors so they might shut down a floor at a time but nothing official on that.

Tahiti will still be closed in October but Tokelau is coming along very well and should be open in mid to early October.

Other things to happen are new furniture in the lobby and a new front desk but no schedule was announced.

Captain Cook’s will not reopen until end of November or December.

From more updates you can go here. (the latest is at the bottom)



So Tikiman, which is the best longhouse for me? I definitely want a non-smoking longhouse. A balcony would be nice too.


How about Rapa Nui? How are the garden views? Any of the rooms face the monorail?


I stayed in Rapa Nui last visit and it is a nice quiet location and very close to the Transportation and Ticket Center and the bus stop (as well as the temporary Captain Cook’s) but you could end up in a room facing the parking lot. Also the rooms will have to get the new doors soon and who knows when they will be working on that.

When it comes to garden views Tahiti would not have even been in my top 5 for garden views even if it were open. Based on my opinion and what I have observed I would rank them this way for garden view rooms. The list would be different for lagoon or Magic Kingdom view rooms.

Tokelau would be my first pick but it is closed until sometime in October.

  1. Samoa
  2. Fiji
  3. Rarotonga
  4. Aotearoa
  5. Rapa Nui
  6. Tuvalu

I left out Hawaii (concierge only) Niue (smoking only) Tonga (suites only) Tahiti (closed).

Some people would put Fiji ahead of Samoa but I was not a fan of being on the other side of the marina (just personal opinion). Actually Fiji does have a better view than Samoa but I like the location of Samoa better and I might even choose Rarotonga over Fiji for its location.


Yes you can see the monorail from Rapa Nui rooms but you would have to be on the end rooms or the rooms facing the parking lot to see it across the parking lot.

Aotearoa and Rarotonga have beetter views of the monorail.


The only reason we liked Tahiti was the bigger bathrooms with the two sinks. I was hoping that perhaps the rooms in Rapa Nui would be the same.

So for non-smoking, view you’d suggest Samoa. I’m hoping that when we get there, they’ll have some nice rooms left. I’m very excited to see the new decor.


Actually the bathrooms are not larger, just arranged different and do have two sinks. Tokelau has the larger rooms but not the double sinks and Rapa Nui rooms are the same as Tahiti. Those longhouses all have the larger rooms but even the smaller Polynesian rooms are much larger than most WDW standard rooms. All the rooms that are open right now are the new design. The last of the un-renovated rooms closed last month.

When exactly are you going?

I ask because sometime in October Tokelau will reopen and I would pick that first. If not Samoa but if you want a quieter area (not that it is noisy) I would go for Rarotonga or Rapa Nui. You might feel a little away from it all at Rapa Nui though.

Everything is non-smoking except Niue, the 3rd floor of Tuvalu and part of the second floor in Tahiti.


We check-in the 30th and leave the 9th of Oct. I agree that I might feel isolated if I’m over at Rapa Nui. However, one plus, like Tokelau is that they have the automated doors on the first floor which is awesome because I’m traveling w/ a 3 1/2 year old and a 1 year old who will be in strollers.

My 3 1/2 year old loves the monorail so if I could get a view of that, she’d be on cloud 9. Walking is not an issue to the TTC so I don’t care if I’m over by Luau Cove.


I need to check on this when I go back in December but from what I remember they were installing the automatic doors in all the buildings. Two things I don’t know is if they were replacing all entry to the buildings and if they have finished it when they did the rooms.

I would try for Rarotonga for a good monorail view and you will be right in between the GCH, the pool, the bus stop and the temporary location for Captain Cook’s.


what renovations are they doing?


What are they doing right now or later or were just done?

You can find the recent changes on these two pages.




Wait, I thought that Samoa was a smoking building. I requested Fiji over Samoa for that reason. Is Samoa non-smoking? I’m just thankful that we got a res. for the Polynesian for our dates (12/2-12/9) It seems like it is going to be scary crowded that week and some of my grand gathering can’t even get rooms there. I can’t wait though, I love the Polynesian.


Samoa has not been a smoking building since its last renovation back in 2003.


Hi Tikiman,

I meant to email you, but as you are here, Is Hawaii done. I know they were doing the “go backs”, but wasn’t sure if they completed the 1st floor.




TIKI is the MAN!!! wow, thanks for all the great links and info :mickey: