Poly Reservations


I tried to get a reservation for Ohana’s and 2x I was told the only availability was at 9:30pm. Although it would be nice to do it…that is too late for DS. He is not a night owl. I did get a reservation for Kona Cafe for the first night we are there. We got a 5:10pm reservation. I REALLY wanted Ohana’s though. I also tried for Le Cellier …nothing at ALL for the days we will be at WDW.

Any helpful tips to somehow get dinner at Ohana’s ??? Aside from going to the later seating.

Also, we are hoping to rent either those sea racer speed boats or the other little boat to cruise around the lagoon in. We would prefer the raycer boats but they dont look like we could fit three in it…2 adults (average size) and a 6 yr old. Anyone know for sure???



I would just keep calling and calling. That is the best advice I have. I would call up to 5 times per day. Your persistance will pay off. If you don’t mind eating a little earlier it doesn’t hurt to stop by LeCellier. That has worked for us in the past. They seated us right away.


As for the racer boats, only 2 people are allowed. You rent them in half hour increments and I am sure you can switch off during your half hour.

As for dinner at O’hana’s, I would suggest going as soon as they open, if not 30 minutes before and try to get seated then without an ADR. We have done this a couple of times with luck! Or just keep calling each day to see if anything opened up.


I agree about going right when they open. I definitely think you will be seated.


Only 2 people are allowed and only two people can fit. Its a really tight fitting little boat.

Ohana is amazing, Just keep calling. I hope you get in.


keep calling, keep calling, keep calling. Also have several dates open. We are going in Sept and about 3 weeks ago decided, we’d like to eat at Ohana’s. So we call, nothing or the 9:30 time, repeat 27 thousand times. I thought for sure someone would see my phone number and say “oh it the ohana person, again!” So again, I call and the CM says “I have a 5:45 on Sept 16 open”…I thought I was hearing things. That was THE day we really wanted. So call, call, call.


As far as Ohanas, keep calling to try and get an ADR. If that fails, go there about a half hour before they open. They can generally accommodate a party of 2 - 4 people (we have done this twice). .Good luck


You can rent a boston whaler for three. Doesn’t LOOK like it goes as fast but it’s good alternative for you. Pontoon boat would work as well.


Keep trying . . . and the little boats have a weight limit as well . . . FYI!

I found this, not sure if the price is right:

Sea Raycer by Sea Ray® are your very own sleek mini-powerboat! You can rent them from the marinas located at most Moderate and Deluxe Resorts as well as the Downtown Disney marina. Sea Raycers can accomodate 2 guests maximum per boat and can travel up to 7 miles per hour.


* A child must be at least 12 years old and at least 5 feet tall to drive a Sea Raycer
* There is a maximum combined weight of 320 lbs
* All drivers 12 to 17 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign a release.
* All drivers 18 years of age or older must provide valid ID with birth date.
* In order to rent watercraft, a guest must be 18 years of age and present a Walt Disney World Resort ID or valid driver's license.

Per 60 Minutes: $45.00 plus tax


I am considering the Boston Whaler boat. The raycer would be more fun but the whole point was for us to do something with the three of us together. Are the boston whaler boats still fun to drive around? We dont need anything super fast but we want a little umphf to it to make it fun for my 6 yr old.

As for the Ohana’s…I am going to keep trying. Maybe we will get lucky…never know.