Poly Resort - Location?


We are still considering the Poly for next May. Which is better…Garden view, Lagoon View…MK View? Can you see the fireworks or water parade with a lagoon view? Is the Gardenview still really nice? The $ for MK view is soooo expensive. Second best location ?


I had a garden view and thought it was just fine. I was in the Nuie building and thought the location was perfect. It was right in between both pools and a quick walk to the beach, arcade and even quicker walk to the great ceremonial house.


I’ve stayed in lagoon and garden view rooms, and now I always choose garden. My most recent stay was in the Tahiti long house which was very close to the TTC and the beach area was more secluded. The room had a very nice large bathroom (we have 5 in our room). I felt this location was perfect for adults and teens.
In 2002 we stayed in the Rarontoga building. My daughter was 10 at the time and this location was perfect. Close to the volcano pool and right next door to the GCH. The bathroom was a smaller then Tahiti.
I’ve also stayed in the Fiji building, but it was not my favorite location. I stayed in the Hawaii building years ago, lagoon view, and that location was perfect.


We just stayed at the Poly for 10 days and it was amazing…garden view room. I requested Aoteroa which is near Luau Cove. We were room 3201 and had a fabulous view of the monorail which my DD who is 3 1/2 LOVED. It was so nice and quiet and a short walk to the GCH.


You are not really spending time in your room other than sleeping mainly. So what the three most important things in all real…Location, location & finally location.

If you’ve got little ones you want to be near the volcano pool & the main house. Older kids (or NO kids!!!) and you might want to be near the TTC for quick access to the monorail. Or maybe the quiet pool which is more romantic. :wub:

But then again…who REALLY cares? You’re at WDW! :mickey:


The Polynesian is going to charge more for the preferred views so of coarse the Magic Kingdom View is going to be the most expensive (equal to a garden view concierge room) out of the standard room view options. The Magic Kingdom view use to be considered a lagoon view room but they went through all the lagoon view rooms and if they had unobstructed views of the castle than they made them MK view rooms. The lagoon view rooms are rooms that face the lagoon and have a view of the lagoon. Most of the lagoon view rooms still have views of the castle and fireworks but might be partly blocked by trees or bushes or the islands out in the water. You can see an example of a lagoon view room with a view of the castle on this page as well as more info on the views. tikiman2001

Lagoon view rooms use to be the same cost as a garden view concierge room but now they are less. Garden view rooms include views of the garden areas, pools, marina, monorail, beaches, parking lot and partial lagoon views. Tokelau’s west side and a handful of rooms in Rarotonga can see the castle and fireworks from their garden view rooms but it is not quite the same view as a MK or lagoon view room. We don’t spend much time in the room but the view is important to us because it makes coming back to the room something we look forward to. It is nice to be in the room and go to the window or outside to see the fireworks or just sit there and watch the boats go by with the sounds of the MK in the background. It is like when you go to Hawaii (the real one) and you want an ocean view so you can relax and watch the water when you are at your room. If the cost is too much than garden view rooms can have great views but I believe the cost is worth it. For us the resort is as fun to visit as the parks.


Isn’t Hawii the concierge longhouse?


Yes it is concierge only rooms.


We’re staying at the Poly in July and paid for a MK view room. We requested the Hawaii longhouse, 3rd floor. Tikiman- are there any rooms at this location that are “not” concierge. Would we be better off requesting a different location?


The only time I’ve ever stayed at The Poly we stayed in the Tahiti Longhouse with a view of the MK…it was AWESOME to see the castle from my balcony every night! We had the most PERFECT view of the Water Parade, too. It was SUCH a quick walk to TTC and the walk to the Great Ceremonial House wasn’t too bad either!!! I would TOTALLY recommend Tahiti!


When we stayed there we stayed in Tokelau building, top floor but I am sorry I cannot for the life of me remember the room number. I do remember it’s balcony overlooking a pretty walkway and to the left of the balcony you had an awesome view of the lagoon and Space Mountain.
To be honest, I don’t think it really matters where you stay in the POLY, as it is just a beautiful resort.

Oh and by the way, Tikiman is the guy to answer all your questions…make sure you visit his own website. It is awesome!


Sorry I missed your question a few days ago. Hawaii longhouse is only concierge rooms. Tahiti probably has the second best MK view rooms (technically Hawaii does not have any MK view category rooms, they only call them lagoon in concierge). Tuvalu would be my next suggestion and Aotearoa is the last location that has MK view rooms.