Polynesian anyone?


Anyone ever stay at the Polynesian?

We’ve been batting our plans back and forth over and over. Dh wants to leave 2 kids home when we go. Yes cruel I know, but we’d be the only 2 adults, he has NO faith whats so ever in Ride Swap, and wants to live it up with our 3 oldest. We’re possibly going back in July with the in laws so all 5 would be going then. (Our youngest 2 would be 3 and 1 then. Oldest 3 would be 9, 7, 5.)

He is DYING to stay at the Poly. It’d be only about $200-250 more to do so. Not bad for DDP, 4 days 3 nights, Fl Resident, etc. 2 adults, 3 kids.

Our other choices were POFQ possibly FWL.

I think the hotel looks awesome, etc. I wanted to know pro’s and con’s about it.

If we stay at Poly possibly FIL would fly down to go with us since our younger 2 would be at my g-ma’s. He’s never been to Poly and if he likes it enough, this would be our hotel in July too if we were to go again.



DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! We stayed there for the first time in June, and we LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! It was a great atmosphere, GREAT rooms, and the monorail whooshed by our room every 2-3 minutes. I had to point it out- it was that quiet… It is a great place to take kids- take their suits- they will love the volcano pool slide. Food is great- we ate at Ohana for breakfast and for dinner, and then we ate at KONA Cafe for breakfast one morning, then at Captain Cooks several mornings for breakfast. Delicious- I would eat there again in a heartbeat. Close to the monorail- if you want to walk to go to EPCOT… or ride around and change. Made it very easy to get around…

Hotel rooms were HUGE … the only thing that may be a negative- if you spend a lot of time in the bathroom… some rooms only have one sink. However, I did not spend my week in the bathroom, so it was not a problem…

I was so spoiled by the atmosphere, the people, the friendliness, helpfulness, and the service was much better than POFQ- which I LOVE!!! I would stay there again in a heartbeat!!!


I’ve never stayed there but your avatar made me REALLY want a piece of cake.


I should add- I have been to Hawaii, and if it were not for the castle and space mountain in the background- I would have sworn I was in Hawaii…


I have never stayed at the polly but will so in the next few years. I love it there and I can just sit in the resort lobby and relax all day


lol it’s my middle dd’s b-day cake from 12/08.

Yeah I saw the 1 sink in AllEars pics. It wouldn’t be a huge issue with the 5 of us instead of 7. With 7 it would be nice for the extra sink to wash sippy cups and whatnot.

Anyone know what the Fl res discounts run for March at a Deluxe?? Our price was before res discount and if it knocks even more off there is no option, Poly it is.


Once you stay at the Polynesian you will definitely be spoiled! It’s a great resort with a terrific pool, and the lake that is great place to view the fireworks and electric water parade. The rooms are large; we had 5 of us in one room in 2006 (4 adults and 1 teen) and had no problem at all. Go and enjoy!


$200-$250 more than what?
If your budget can handle it, do it. The Poly and the Contemporary have the largest rooms in WDW. Both hotels have been refurbished in the last 3-4 years. Being on the monorail is a big plus because you can quickly get to both Epcot and MK without the longer wait for buses and there’s also the launch to the MK as well.
It’s certainly nicer than POFQ. If your other choice is Wilderness Lodge, that is one of my two favorites, the other being the Contemporary (tower room, MK view). WL is what I consider the “value” deluxe resort because it and AKL are the lowest priced deluxe resorts.


Sorry, our other choice was POFQ. But when I ran the numbers I decided to see about Poly just for fun and nearly fell over. It was about $200-250 more than POFQ. That’s pre Fl Res discount.


If Poly is only $50 a night more than POFQ then WL would cost less than POFQ, and that isn’t right. In fact, the Poly is the second most expensive resort in WDW. Only the GF costs more.

You posted this “Our other choices were POFQ possibly FWL.” so I assumed you meant WL and not Fort Wilderness. Or did you mean something else entirely?

By the way, you won’t be allowed to have 7 people in any standard room at any resort, even the Poly.


WL, added the Fort in there. Whoops.

It would be 5, not 7. If we left the 2 youngest home w/ g-ma our room capacity would not be above 5. If FIL goes he will want his own room, and we can always tack a kid on his room and just pay for her/him. That is IF we do POFQ. Poly accepts 5 people in a room online thru the WDW site. POFQ won’t accept 5 online though I know they do IRL. Since we had 5 in our room last yr. FIL added a kid when he made arrangements on the phone. I ran prices for POR and it still came out about $300-400 price difference. Which once again is PRE Fl res discount, also pre Disney Card holder discount. FIL will use his WD Visa if they run a discount and even then use it for us just to get his points. :laugh:

In the end, fil and I figured we’d be paying for the pre discount moderate price for a deluxe. Which is totally fine with us. Plus, Fl res’s can do 4 days for $40 a day, we do not need park hoppers so this will bring the $ down too. We’re a ways out for making reservations and ADR’s. We have the POFQ and Poly plans going knowing we’d want either 1 and are planning as if we’d stay at either. ADR’s wouldn’t matter though, we still plan on Ohana and still plan on NO park hoppers.

Our trip is revolving around our kids state testing they do in mid march and the deals WDW has out then. If need be we can adjust the dates in order to get the better deal.

Am I making sense? Cuz I’m confused even. :blink:

CORRECTION: I didn’t add DDP to a Poly pricing I did, still though, $400 price difference pre Fl res discounts/deals & Disney Visa holders. Not bad. Wish I knew what offers were going to be out at that point. I’m getting antsy. lol


I would grab that and book it, that’s a great rate. I’ve never priced the Poly but always thought it was much more than that.


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Book it! That is a GREAT deal for the Poly!

The Poly is my absolute fave. :wub: It is just soooooo beautiful…I think it’s one of the most magical places in all of WDW!


5Demons, check your calendar. If you are planning on going any time around Easter, there will be no Fl resident rates and no AP rates.
This year, DW’s birthday happened to be 2 days before Good Friday, so no discounts for us.


I priced it out but it the lowest rate I could find for the Poly was $355/night and POFQ was $150, so the more than double per night for me with no discount.

We’re you booking 2 rooms at POFQ?


It is much more than that!!!

Rack rate for PO (either one) is $195 (standard) and $220 (water view).
Rack rate for the least expensive room at the Poly is $485!
This year Feb 16- Apr 3 is a Peak season.

Port Orleans - French Quarter Fact Sheet
Port Orleans - Riverside Fact Sheet
Polynesian Resort Fact Sheet


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Whoa, this almost sounded too good to be true…4/3 Poly only $250 more than the FQ!!! I had to check this one out. It might mean an extra trip for us in the works for that rate. So after I looked over at AllEars then it doned on me you meant $250 a night rather than the whole vacate:redface:
And here I was getting all excited.:blush: