Polynesian grounds music loop


Hi everybody!

I was wondering if anybody had the Polynesian grounds music loop? I’m talking about the music that you hear strolling around the resort outside, pumped through the many hidden (and not so hidden) speakers in the ground. Any help locating that music loop would be GREAT!

That music is so dear to my family and I haven’t been able to locate it anywhere.

Thanks again everyone!


I think you can buy CD’s of the music loops at the gift shops. Try calling the Polynesian and asking them.


I wish they would put on a CD the music loops of all the parks and resorts. My favorite is the music at the AK entrance.


Yea, I tried to get a CD, but they told me they don’t make one of the music that I want. They do sell a CD with other random Hawaiian music on it, but it’s not the music loop that they play. They also pointed me to the Lilo & Stitch soundtrack (which my DD has), but that’s not it either.

Well, if anybody has these songs or knows where I can get them, please let me know.

Thanks Everyone!


You may want to try a website called subsonicradio.com. It’s basically a feed of WDW, Disneyland, and international Disney parks/resorts music. You can’t order music CDs (I think), but you can play them through your computer. It’s free to join, and you just search for what you want. It’s pretty extensive, and they have some old stuff too, from rides/attractions that aren’t there anymore. We love listening to the monorail loop, it brings back memories…

“Please stand clear of the doors…” :tongue: