Polynesian Luau or Hoop Dee Doo Revenue


which one would you choose and why?


Hoop Dee Doo
It was so good I would do it every trip.
Luau was a one time thing


Same here. We love the Hoop Dee Do. I wasn’t thrill with the Laua maybe because i been to serval in Hawaii.


Definately Hoop De Doo- the Luau is just so-so.


Another vote for HDD. We would see it every trip too if we could. We love it!:wub:


I vote for HDD. I have done both and the Luau was just ok. I would say if you want to try it once to say I have been there and done it,then go for it. But, in my opinion,HDD is a blast and has great food.


I have to say the same as above. The Luau was a really lovely first time experience for us and we thoroughly enjoyed it, but we were quite taken aback at what a ‘short’ evening it was and we also felt as others have expressed that once done there is no rush to do it again. Whereas the HDD is such fun every time.


We haven’t done the Luau yet, but had read some of the same sentiments here about it. We did Hoop-de-doo in '05 and it was fantastic. I’d vote for HDD as well!


No contest. HDDR. All you can eat fried chicken, yummy ribs, homeade bread and butter, and delicious strawberry shortcake. Wine and beer and all soft drinks included. The show is funny and entertaining for all ages babies to seniors. Lots of audience participation. It is a foot stompin’, hand clappin’, gut bustin’ good time. The luau? Mediocre food. Hokey performance of hula, the only good thing was the fire twirler whose part was much to short. My kids kept asking “is it over yet?” We have to do HDDR every trip, the kids insist on it. We started going when the oldest was 5. Now they are 9,13, and 18.


Another vote for Hoop Dee Doo!!! It’s an awesome show, SOOOO much fun, and the fried chicken is good.


HDD, which I have heard nothing but glowing reviews about.

The luau was a significant disappointment. SIGNIFICANT. Bored performers, so-so food, and ahuge rush to eat and get out, since we were at the first seating.


Hoop Dee Doo for sure. I could not stop laughing during it. The Luao is not worth the money in my book.


Another vote for HDDR. We have done both, and was not impressed with the luau. We do go almost every trip to HDDR though. It is a lot of fun and relaxing.


Wow. How often do you see a 100% rating on anything Disney here?


HDD because I’m corny like that. :laugh:


I have not done the Luau, but this past trip we decided to do the Hoop-de-do and we did not care for that at all! Kind of cheesy, (IMHO) but not in the good Disney way!

I have not heard too much good of teh Luau either!

When are you going? I have heard Mickey’s Back Yard BBQ is a lot of fun!!!