Polynesian or Boardwalk Inn?


What would you do? Got a surprise trip for December 28th- Jan. 1 for my 40th Bday later this year!!! I am very Excited!!!DW booked the family at Boardwalk Inn but Poly just opened up this morning.

I am just happy to be going so the place we stay is not too important to me, of course kids want the Poly. I know the crowds are going to be bad but were still going. Never stayed at the Boardwalk but been to the Poly before.

Any opinions?

Also got 1900 Park Fare for my Bday dinner, Teppan Edo(lunch), Chef Mickey(dinner), Liberty Tree (dinner New Years Eve!!!) and Via Napoli(lunch).


They’re both beautiful resorts - but we love Boardwalk - I’ve never stayed on the “Inn” side, just the DVC, but it’s such a wonderful atmosphere, especially at Christmas! Plus, being Epcot fans, we love the short walk. You’ve already stayed at Poly - why not give Boardwalk a try?


Your trip and plans sound wonderful- both resorts, as LLama says, are fabulous. But I tend to agree with her, try Boardwalk this time, Poly will still be there maybe next trip?


Both resorts are wonderful, but I agree with the other 2. Try Boardwalk this time. I love trying new resorts!


My vote is Boardwalk. This is for your birthday, so kids don’t get to pick this time. Try something new.


Another vote for boardwalk. With the crowds, you won’t have to worry about transportation to 2 parks. Don’t know what the hours of the parks are, but you could probably see the osbourne lights and still get back to Epcot for the fireworks. Or even not be IN Epcot and still see the fireworks.


Also got 1900 Park Fare for my Bday dinner, Teppan Edo(lunch), Chef Mickey(dinner), Liberty Tree (dinner New Years Eve!!!) and Via Napoli(lunch).[/QUOTE]

Based on these plans, I’d say that Poly is a better match for you.
The monorails will get you everywhere you need to be.
Conversely, with holiday crowds, the Epcot resort bus loop will be broken into two routes, Boardwalk/Swan/Dolphin or Beach/Yacht, instead of one.
You’ll probably recall that the Poly and Contemporary share all of their buses.


Being you have not stayed at BW, I would go with that. BUT, since it is such a busy time, I agree with Soundgod and stay at the Poly. If you request Rarotonga, you are only a 5 minute walk to the TTC to pick up the monorail and the resort monorail is right there. Well you know that from staying there anyway:)

Good luck in deciding and Happy Pre 40th Birthday:)


I like the Boardwalk but the pool is a little scary, so I vote for the Polynesian.


That clown is off-putting!


Poly, Poly, Poly. The Boardwalk is cool, and lots of fun stuff to do, but the Poly is my favorite home away from home. Plus, like Soundgod says, it really does fit in with your plans better, that location on the monorail is worth the money in itself. Every time we stay off the monorail we regret it.


I’ve never stayed at the Boardwalk but our fav things about the Poly are the beach and the pool, and considering that time of year we prolly wouldn’t do either so i’d maybe try the Boardwalk for something new. But only if I was able to get Boardwalk view.


I say Poly as well. Poly has bit more mystique to it than BW


I vote for the Boardwalk. I love that it is pretty small and the rooms are the most comfortable I have stayed at in WDW. Poly rooms are really nice too, but just are so dark. The beds at BWI are just to die for.

Now with that in mind, it really depends on which parks you plan on spending the most time in. If you think the MK would be your main park - then I would stay at the Poly. If Epcot and HS are your faves, then BWI would be best. It was such a short walk to HS from BWI that we didn’t even use the boat too often (boat ride is long b/c they stop at Swan/Dolph & Beach/Yacht Club too) and the walk to Epcot is so nice. The bus ride from BWI to MK is pretty long (as it too can stop at the different resorts).

In my opinion - the only thing I can say that I LOVE about the Poly is the location while at the BWI I LOVE the rooms. Hope that helps :blush:


I think the same thing about the Philly Fanatic:tongue:

(No I don’t, but I had to post anyway. Besides, I still think they should name him the Philly Freak, like the dance craze.)


I have stayed at the Poly and toured the Boardwalk but I am all for trying new resorts so I say the Boardwalk.


Thanks all for the information. Just paid off the Boardwalk reservation this morning!!! Poly maybe more convenient but we will probably spend more time at EPCOT, DS and AK this trip. I know the crowds are going to be horrific but I will definitely enjoy not only being there but being there on my 40th birthday!! Nice surprise by my DW!!!

(Plus going to be at BLT before and after our Disney Dream Cruise in March 2011!!!)


Sounds like a great choice. I’d love to see Boardwalk at Christmas time.


I just saw this thread and was going to vote for Boardwalk! Boardwalk is gorgeous and being able to walk to Epcot is great! :happy: Hope you have a fantastic birthday trip!!


Poly is by far my favorite place down there. Amazing.