Polynesian rehab question


We would like to stay at the Polynesian, but with all the work going on I’m a little concerned. From what I’ve heard the room updates will be ongoing through June 2006 (our vacation is in April) and the Captain Cook’s Snack Company will be expanded in early 2006. I don’t really feel like paying almost $2,000 to stay in an old room with a major restuarant closed and construction going on during our stay. Does anybody have any information on how long Captain Cook’s will be closed for? Information is needed ASAP as I need to make reservations within about 48 hours from now. Any info would help a lot. Thanks!


I can’t answer your question about Captain Cook’s but I can offer some advice. By the time of your trip in April the rehab of the Poly rooms should be very close to completion, I understand how you would feel to pay all that money and get an old room. I’m guessing by that time atleast 75% of the rooms should be fully renovated so I would suggest upon making reservations that you request one of the new rooms. This shouldn’t be hard since a majority of the rooms would be new, and the earlier you make the reservation the better chances you have of getting a new room. Disney is usually very good about honoring all guest requests, so if you request a room in a fully renovated building you shouldn’t be disturbed by the rehab going on elsewhere (which is done on a room-by-room basis as to not disrupt any guests experience). I visited the Poly last month and I could tell of no signs of the rehab while walking around the main building and around the pool. And hopefully by the time of your trip Captain Cook’s will have completed it’s rehab (hopefully 5 months should be enough time to renovate the restaurant). Hope this helps you somewhat in making a decision.
Joe :mickey:


Thanks a lot jwdj4lfe for the quick response. I really want to stay at the Poly in April but I just want everything to be perfect. Your response is very helpful and thanks again :mickey: