Polynesian Resort activities?


Hope this is the right place to put this thread…

I was wondering if anyone knows if the polynesian resort ever has Hula lessons or workshops for the guests.
I am a Polynesian dancer and living in Florida for a whole year without dancing will be painful…I’ve been looking for Halaus (dance schools) close by the WDW but they’re all professional companys and I can’t commit to the lessons times since I’ll be full time in Epcot…

Any help would be great! Thanks in advance DC pals :heart:


Hey Tess. I PMed you an e-mail address. My best friend and her mom did hula for YEARS. One of her mom’s best friends was an instuctor in south Florida and they MAY have connections in Orlando, or at least know where to send you to find out.

When you e-mail her just mention you are friends with me (Jessica) and explain what you did above.

Good luck!!!


Hey! Thanks so much Jess, I’ll totally email her to ask…Michelle is the one from you day in Epcot pics right?
Thanks so much!


Yes, Michele is the blonde girl in the “mickey ears” picture from my avatar. And, you are welcome!! I am sure she will help any way she can. Hey, maybe she’ll take a class with you. haha. I know she hasn’t danced in years but I know she’d like to!


hehe, oh yeah, that’s what DC BFFs are for, right?

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Canadian Hula Dancing?

THAT’S a strange mental picture… :biggrin:


haha yeah, we canadians love to wear coconuts and grass skirts in the winter months :laugh:
My old teacher grew up in the Cook Islands, and I toured to Hawai’i with them, it’s so much fun! Such a beautiful art form, I can’t wait to watch the Lu’au in the Poly when I get there!


Princess Tessa, when I was at the Poly this past July with my family, they did indeed have hula lessons! Granted, I only saw a group of children taking the class, but I’m sure they would offer the class to adults!

Hope that helps!

Oh, and don’t forget to watch the tiki torch lighting ceremony at the Poly! I think it happens around five o’clock in the evening! just make sure you ask at the front desk! It really is neat to see! My family and I had no idea about this and only happened upon it when we came back from MGM a little early!


Maybe your teacher could suggest someone??? It seems like the hula/Poly community is pretty tightnit and she may have an idea of a halau for you in Florida. Cook Islands huh…ahhhhh…soooo beautiful…Fell in love with the place…I’ve never seen so many different hues of blue :wub:


Hey! Thanks so much Amelia’s Man!!! I will totally check out the toarch lighting also, I saw it done when I was in Hawai’i (and I could even understand little bits of what they were saying in Hawaiian, too cool!)

Peppertink…I’m not really in ‘contact’ with my old humu (teacher) since I quit dance…sorta ended with me having hurt feelings…but I’ll ask some of my the girls in my old class :smile:


WOW. You learn something everyday. Maybe I’ll move to Canada so I can learn to hula. I’d look SEXY in coconuts and a grass skirt…

On 2nd thought, I’ll leave that to you. :biggrin:

Hula Lessons at Dinner in Ohanas every night. Would get a little expensive eating there all the time though…

Torch lighting is done at sunset. Sort of neat to watch at least once.