Polynesian Resort Remodeling Inconvenience


Was thinking of booking at Polynesian Resort in February but read about the construction going on.
Is this a great inconvenience, anyone been there recently to see it?


bumping this up… anyone have any information?


I haven’t heard of anyone staying there recently…all ears.net or Disboards may have some info…good luck


Do you have Facebook? If so- there is a huge update on Tikiman’s Unofficial Polynesian resort page. There are a ton of pictures too. Or, look at his website for the info tikimanpages.com


thanks Hanwill. I haven’t been here for awhile. this place used to be booming with information. I guess with facebook, everyone went away


Yes- I know… It is so sad. ;(


Popped in for visit there to check out the new DVC unit construction.

Not horrible but main pool was down and the great hall was all walled off as they redo inside. Didn’t really notice a lot of noise.


I went to the DVC preview center this summer and the rooms are nice. I want to go to Poly and see the onesame that have the water view where you can sit on the balcony/porch on the water. Seems like those water view bungalows would be very relaxing and or romantic