Polynesian via TTC


Hi. Happy New Year folks! Is it true that the Polynesian resort is within walking distance of the TTC? We’re taking in the luau at the Poly, but staying at SSR. The plan is to hop the bus from SSR to the TTC, then walk from there. Is this possible or even a good idea?:blink:


Physically you can walk between the TTC and the Poly. I’ve done it before. The only potential issue is that the Luau is on the opposite site of the Poly as where you’re coming from, so it’ll be a longer hike.

I didn’t realize the resort buses go to the TTC. The last several times the MK bus took you directly to the MK gate. Is SSR different?


It is not that bad of a walk…


It sure is. Right next to it actually. I try to stay in the longhouses near the TTC whenever I can. About 5-10 minutes from monorail depending on how fast you walk. In typical Disney screening you go from parking lots and TTC to south Pacific in a matter of steps. It’s a really nice walk through the palms.


I’ve often walked between TTC’s monorail station and the Poly. It’s no worse than walking the front gate back to Splash Mountain, if even that. Maybe only as far as Pirates.
As an alternate, take the bus to the MK and grab either a launch or the monorail to the Poly. The launch might even be the fastest option and you see buses for MK more frequently than TTC.


You see, that’s why I love these forums. :blush: I’m sure you are right…resort buses do not go to TTC. I think I misread my material! Thanks everyone for the great tips.:happy:


We just stayed in the Poly and walked to the TTC all the time as it’s a very easy walk and we were in the last building the longest distance from the TTC


Yes, as soon as you leave the TTC, you can see the welcoming entrance to the Poly, and feel like you are home!:laugh:

We did this walk just about everytime for the sheer joy of walking it and enjoying the pristine grounds of the Poly!

That’s how we found the quiet pool the first time!:laugh: :laugh:


It really is within walking distance and if memory serves correct it was actually quite a pleasant walk too! Mind you I was in my ‘wow I am in Disney dream mode’ when I was walking it!!:laugh: Won’t take you too long to walk it either. Prob 10-15 mins??


Maybe a bit longer if you stop and take pictures every few feet like I did!!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Too true :laugh: :laugh: I know what you mean.:laugh: :laugh:


You can also jump on the RESORT mono rail from TTC - Poly Great Hall is first stop.

Walk back to TTC after dinner. You’ll NEED the exercise! :biggrin: