Pooey-Cutting Our Trip Short


Our next trip was supposed to Aug 20-25, but we have to come back a day early. My 4 yr old ds got accepted into Pre-K at the elementary school. School starts Aug 25, so we have to leave after our Ohana’s breakfast on the 24th and head home so he can start the next day. I’m thrilled he’s going to school, he’s excited, but does it make me a bad parent to consider skipping my baby’s first day of school to stay at DisneyWorld lol?


I am a teacher, and several times my kids have missed one or two days of school in order to squeeze in a Disney trip, but never the FIRST day. I’d have a hard time having them miss the first day of school, that’s a tough decision. Since it’s Pre-K is it just a half-day of school? That might not be so bad. We are returning on the 23rd and my kids start on the 25th, so we have a day to spare. Luckily I don’t start until the 27th this year. Hopefully I’ll have all of the laundry done and everything put away by then!:laugh: Is it going to cost you money to switch your flights to the day before? If there were a lot of expenses involved, then I think I might have him skip the first day. If not, then I’d probably try to get back for it.


He will go from 8 am to 2:15,so not a half day. We’re driving, so no extra money to switch anything around, and FIL can easily take a day off of our reservation. I’m like you, maybe if it were a day in the middle of the year, but his first day, and his first day ever to boot, it’s kind of special. We will definitely come back(it’s only an 8 hr drive) for him to start school, but I will tell you, before we knew he got in, I’d planned on skipping the first day. Oh well, we’ll go back next year!


Well… its up to you… To be honest I was leaving the 2nd day of school this year for my DD BUT since my boss will only allow me to have 5 days off not including the weekends I had to take 2 days off my trip so she will be there the first 3 days of school BUT will miss the 2nd week all together.


DD dis thison our trip before last but it was the second full week of school. She was fine!


We are pulling my step kids for the whole 3rd and 4th weeks of school. I have a bunch of teachers in the family and they said it would be no problem. But the first day of school ever!?! THat’s a tough one. I missed the whole first week of grade six and the first 2 days of high school because I was in Europe.


My sister and I missed the first full week of school when we were in grade school/junior high (for Disney, of course!) and we were fine. But, this is his first day EVER…so, I don’t know if it would be the same. I’d probably cut the trip short if I were you. But, it stinks that you have to do that!


Yeah, we can make it upanother trip. Hey, the money we were going to spend that night for our room can now be spent on more souvineers eh?