Pooh & Tigger Toaster on Clearance


Gosh! I just saw a cute two-slice toaster on clearance at Dillard’s dot com.
This is a description: Get your breakfast started with friends from 100 Acre Wood. This “Rise ‘n’ Shine” 2-slice toaster toasts Pooh on one slice and Tigger on the other, and plays “Winnie the Pooh” when toast pops up. Plus, it features:

  • bumble bee handle
  • classic, cool stainless steel housing
  • extra-wide toasting slots to fit most any bread or bagel thickness
  • electronic browning control dials with 5 settings and cancel button
  • removable crumb tray for easy cleaning

8” high x 9” deep.

If you want to see the picture and addl. details,
click here

I have never before seen a toaster that actually toasted a picture on the toast.