Pool guests


I’m staying at BLT and BCV April 28-May 9. I have a dear friend that lives in Florida that I haven’t seen in years. I was wondering if she came up with her kids (4) to spend the day with me, can I bring her as a guest to the pool? Do they have day passes you can purchase? It will cost to much for her to get into the parks, so we were thinking of getting together on one of the days we aren’t planning on going to the parks. Thanks


Next week I am staying at BCV, I asked about my 4 yr DGD coming to visit. (they are staying at BLT). I was told it probably won’t be a problem bringing her, but won’t be able to bring the whole family. I was just looking for her, mostly because of the sandy part.


I’d be willing to purchase passes for the 5 of them if I could. We have our 11 days planned with only 2 days we aren’t at a park. One day we’re swimming at BLT and the other at BCV, I was really hoping she could join us for a few hours at the pool


I remember Wishy brought Mickeysgirlz and her two DDs into Kidani Village’s pool as guests, so I woudl think that the policy would be the same at BLT. I hear BCV’s pool is heavily-guarded, though, as it is a mini-waterpark, so you might have a little more difficulty getting them in there. Yet if you are with them upon entry, they typically only ask to see one card.

I stayed at BLT back in September, and I was never carded to get into the pool at BLT or the Contemporary. However, I did only go swimming at night when there were no lifeguards. The important thing is that you have to have your room key to get back inside from the pool, as well as the beach. Though the cards didn’t always work… we witnessed some boys with a key not able to get back inside (we were kind and helped them out), and my sister and I got stuck on the beach late at night and had to call a CM that was cleaning up around the pool area to come over and let us back in.


It’ll probably depend on how busy it is. Disney seems to “enforce” things based on crowd levels. I would simply be cautious about setting expectations. There’s plenty of free entertainment at DTD, so if the pool is too busy, maybe you could hop over there. If you need time to catch up, you could go to Legoland and let the kids have a ball there while the two of you find a bench.


(My opinion) Late April/early May should be a lower crowd period and you probably won’t have too much of a problem bringing your guests to Stormalong Bay. However, in fairness to everyone, you should remain with your guests while they are using that pool.

This is not what is considered pool hopping. This is visiting official hotel guests.


Man could I tell you stories about that pool. There was the time when I …
um … we uhh… It wasn’t on purpose, but … never mind.

Just don’t swallow the water.


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;1007146]Man could I tell you stories about that pool. There was the time when I …
um … we uhh… It wasn’t on purpose, but … never mind.

Just don’t swallow the water.[/QUOTE]

You mean like that lake in Columbus where all the OSU students do their annual ritual swim before the Michigan game?
They did studies and found that lake was 3% pee the next day.:eek:


Oh I would be with them the entire time…Thats the point for us to catch up. She was in my wedding and although the marriage went south, our friendship remained, albeit long distance. I’ve only seen her once since 1997, and I really want to just hang out and relax with her…as for the pool…well there will be 6 kids in there :slight_smile: thanks everyone