Pool Hopping?


Is it possible to stay at an all star and pool hop at the boardwalk? If not how will they catch us and how will thy know?? Im interested because my DD wanted to stay at the board walk but we will be really staying at all star. she only wanted to stay there b/c of the pool. Any info on this would help us… Thanks…


We have never pool hopped. So I do not have 1st hand experience, but I have read that they check room ID’s at the Boardwalk Pool since it is such a great pool. Maybe someone who has stayed at the Boardwalk has more info…


Wow. Checking ID’s??? oh no…


Pool hopping is technically not allowed, except between “sister” resorts. (YC/BC, All-Stars, POR/POFQ). Disney reserves the right to check resort IDs. I don’t know how often they do this, but I’ve never taken the chance with it before. I think I’d feel guilty the whole time I was swimming there, and then it would be incredibly mortifying to get caught! :noo:

So I don’t recommend it!


You cannot pool hop unless you are DVC memeber. It’s such a hassle to pool hop anyway, not to mention against the rules. How annoying do you think it would be to get all the way over there only to find out you can’t get in? It’s truely not worth the hassle. A pool is a pool. Besides, the people staying at the resort pay to stay there and for the pool. It’s not fair for you to use it.


Are you really going to spend that much time at a pool that you need to pool hop?


I am staying at the Boardwalk in 16 days, and am a DVC member in which we technically have “pool hopping” privileges. Kate, when are you going, I am willing to harbor a fugitive in the name of making children happy. hehe, I know, I am SUCH a rebel!

PS: speaking of pool hopping, I do have a Boardwalk related question. When we stay at the Boardwalk in nearly 2 weeks I was looking forward to walking over to our neighbor resort, the Beach Club, so I can check out this desirable Stormalong Bay but someone told me not even DVC members are allowed to do this?!? Does anyone know if this is true or not?


I don’t know the exact rules on this, but it wouldn’t surprise me if even DVC members were not allowed to pool hop there. I know they’ve had major problems with non-BC/YC guests using that pool, so I’m sure Disney has to do their best to keep those people out!

But I hope you can find the official line on that, because that would stink if you couldn’t use your DVC pool-hopping privileges at the best pool on WDW property! :angry:


They check all resort ID’s at the Beach Club pool. Then you receive a wrist band so you can go into the area of the pool. Only YC and BC/BCV guests can use Stormalong Bay.


Thank you, so I guess even DVC members are not allowed to visit Stormalong Bay. Oh well. Kate I hope you get your question answered.


That’s a bummer. :angry:

Ah well, more reason to plan a trip to the YC/BC I guess! :mickey:


To me, I don’t think it would be worth it on the chance that we get caught. There are plenty of fun pools at the All Star resorts, and while they might not have all the bells & whistles, a pool is essentially just a pool. You can always hit the water parks if you have the option on your ticket, or if you can afford it.


When I stayed at the Contemporary we were in the pool and a guest asked me was I staying there and I said yes. In turn I asked was he and he said no he was staying at Fort Wilderness. So people do pool hop but I know I wouldn’t. I feel uncomfortable just walking around touring a resort that I wasn’t staying at. Even though I want to see them all.


Yeah we had pool hoppers from Fort Wilderness when we were at the Poly. I feel the same way…it just wouldn’t be worth it to me!

I’d rather REALLY enjoy it…when I actually paid for the privilege!


When I checked in at Fort Widerness Campground, I distinctly remember having a red stamp on my papers saying that pool hopping wasn’t allowed. I laughed at the time because I was paying over $250 a night for our cabin- equivalent to the per night charge at WL. I really didn’t care because FW has so many awesome things to do, so we weren’t interested in pool hopping anyway. I’ll bet if they didn’t check resort IDs at the deluxe pools, they would be too crowded to use! I do have to say that the pools at FW and the values are pretty boring compared to the mods and deluxes! Another reason to upgrade if you can afford it.


gee, I reaaly am a park commando nut! If we spent 2 hours each day at our resort/pool, I was already done and ready to head back to the parks! I can’t see the time would be worth it! I mean, if it’s 95 degrees, water is water, I don’t care what design the hole is in!


I was really thining about this and here is what I came up with … U all are right!!! No pool hopping for me. I always thought it was allowed for some reason… My DD only wanted to stay at boardwalk b/c of the pool so I will take the $ that I am saving by staying at the value and go to the water parks… Duh me!! I dont know why I didnt think about this b4


I think you made the right decision, who wants to have their day ruined by getting caught in a pool and asked to leave. I have read two reports on a different board this summer saying the life guards were checking IDs at BW because pool hoppers were making the pool way too crowded. A water park is way more fun than a single pool (even the BC pool) so go and enjoy your day.