Pool Hopping?


Hi everyone.

I searched the forums but can’t seem to find a clear answer.

My girls and I are staying at the All * Music and I was wondering if we are allowed to pool hop anywhere else beyond the All Stars - like Port Orleans or somewhere in the like.

Does anyone know the Mousey rules for this?:blush:


If you are staying at an All Star resort you can swim at any All Star pool but you can’t pool hop to other resorts.


Well, you’re not supposed to. But, the only pool at Disney that requires DNA testing, FBI and CIA screening, a background check and a hotel room key is Stormalong Bay at Yacht/Beach Club. All the other pools are pretty lax. Caribbean Beach has their own pool bar, so it’s easy to get over there. Hey, Disney is happy when you’re spending money!!! I’ve told the gaurd at the front before that we were going to get drinks at the pool bar (which we did). A few drinks later, we were in the pool.


Maybe its just me but I am not a fan of pool hopping. I think you should swim at your resort only. JMO!!!


I agree, if a guest is paying to stay at a resort I think they should be able so swim in the pool. If people who at not resort guests are there there less room for the people who belong.


I second that motion. I like to go to the smaller resorts to avoid crowds, and are willing to pay more for that. If everyone starts pool hopping, there goes my benefit that I paid for.




A pro pool hopping thread over at DISboards will land you in the same social class as Michael Vic and OJ Simpson. I applaud your discretion while sharing your opinion.
What most people forget is that about 15 years ago pool hopping was a perk Disney advertised. This is when the Mods. were the value resorts. SAB was always exempt. DVC members are still aloud to pool hope and were able to hit SAB until BCV was built. Now DVC members can only swim in SAB if they are staying there.
AKL has always been off limits.


LuvWDW… we used to do it when it was something that was allowed. It isn’t allowed any more. Just like with the controversial refillable mugs and resort parking issues, we choose to just follow the rules.

May I suggest going to the water parks, if you are interested in visiting some “foreign” waters? TL and BB are so much fun, and they are way more entertaining than any resort pool, anyway, even Stormalong Bay! The prices are very reasonable, too!


I remember waay back in the day when pool hopping was indeed a perk. But that was when there were just a few resorts. Actually, except for a few exceptions, a pool is a pool is a pool. Those exceptions include Stormalong Bay (the best pool anywhere), the pool at French Quarter and the Boardwalk pool.

Are there any others that stand out in your minds?


We don’t pool hop. If we hit the pool it is as a break from the parks. So we want to stay close to ‘home’. But others doing it really doesn’t bother me.

As long as they do it when I’m not there. j/k


I go to WDW for the parks. I hardly ever spend any time in the pool (because once you’re all pretty for the day, who wants to get all yucky and chlorine-y? Plus, Barrett has to wash her hair or else it will turn green, and she takes for-ev-er to get ready!).

Honestly, I’ve always thought that pool-hopping sounded a little tacky. I am one that would prefer not to walk around in a soaking wet bathing suit… especially entering lovely hotel lobbies, dripping in chlorinated water. I agree with phayes. Water is water… who cares which pool you’re in?

AllStar Music has two awesome-looking pools, anyway. I’m sure you’ll be greatly entertained.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


With children, it’s just easier to stay in our resorts pools.
Now hopping pool bars - thats a different story - LOL

My favorite is pool is WL!!

When we stayed at the cabins, Fort Wilderness, has really old and boring pools - so we went to the WL lodge, but we checked, and it was fine. - It was also a slow time of the year, and a time when most southerners would not go near water, but us Yankees love it


pool bar hopping?
that"s a good one!

Mine is POLR!
Love that southern porch feel with all the trees around it.


We never subscribed to pool hopping even when it was allowed. We use the pools infrequently, and if we do, it is in the evening after the parks to relax a little. At that point, who wants to be going around with a wet bathing suit or having to change at another resort, just to go back to your home resort. It is also the reason we have tried almost every resort, just to try the pools!!


I agree with everyone. If you’re staying at a resort then use the pool at your resort. Want a better pool? Upgrade or visit the water parks.

When we stayed at the Contemporary last year a gentleman asked me if I was staying there and I answered yes; in turn I asked him was he and he said no he was staying at Fort Wilderness. It didn’t really bother me because the pool wasn’t packed at all but imagine if everyone did it and imagine during peak season. Nightmare!


It would be nice to check out the pools at the other resorts but I think Id only go along to look not swim, It would be too much hassle wandering around soaking wet, I prefare just to be able to dash back to the hotel room with a towel wrapped round me!


I barely have/make enough time to swim in the pool at the resort that I stay at…let alone try to squeeze another one in. Besides…I’m a chicken…if the rule says no hopping…I don’t…:happy: .


This is why I am afraid to stay at a monorail resort. To many times I have seen people get on the monoral to magic kingdom with towels and small cooler’s. It isnt a waterpark?:nonono2: