Pools WARM?


Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if the Pools are still warm and I mean warm in WDW. When we were in DL this past Dec. It was freeezing. I asked them and they said it was like 82 degrees. I am from Colorado and I know when the water is colder then 82. So it got me thinking, I hope they are still very warm.

Anybody who has been to WDW recently, could you please give me an update on this, not that it would change my mind. But it would be nice to be warned in advance.

Thanks :flowers: :heart:


That’s what they say. I know when I was there in January, the pool was way too cold for swimming.

I think the difference may be that with your body temp being 98 degrees, 82 feels just slightly cool in the hot weather, but when you’re already cold, that temp feels freezing!


We were there a year ago . . . outside temps were upper 70’s to mid 80’s. Pool water at PC was 80. It was actually too warm for me to feel refreshed but DS loved it!


(hold off on a p in the ool joke :laugh:)


LOL!! You’re bad! :biggrin:


Hey Janelle, we were there February 20, and the pools were WARM! We spent the entire day at Blizzard Beach, in fact, with no problems. And I like my pool water to be warm like a bath!


Quartz, the pool temp is not the problem. I don’t doubt that the water is heated to the temp that they state. The outside temp. and wind has a lot to do with the “real feel” temp. The daytime and nighttime temps are bound to be warmer now than they were in December. Just stay under water the whole time and you’ll be fine! :laugh:


We were there last week and I went in the pool and I’m a total wuss about cold water. (I keep my pool at 90). And it was coolish getting in, but very pleasant once you got use to it. The air was still a little cool when I got out, but I warmed up very quickly in the sun.


Allright, who started the “p” joke. LOL

Thanks all!! I’m not quite a wuss when it comes to pools, okay, I am. I can’t stand the water to be cool. I’m with you LLama, I like it like bathwater, especially in the winter months.

We do plan quite a few breaks around the pool, so I am hoping they are nice and warm.
It does make sense about the “real feel”, Dab, let’s just hope it is unseasonally warm this Dec. Then I won’t have to worry about it!!!


The pools should be fine in December.


Oswald…I’m pretty sure of that.

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HHHMMMMMM, are we sure about that??? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


The pools at WDW are so warm that my DD was swimming in the cold month of January…at night :eek:


Great, I really hope it is that way for us, too!!


I am certain it will be. :heart:


It depends on the resorts themselves I guess and the time of year
Nov- All star music- swam in nice warm pool
Dec- All star Movies- pool too cold to swim
May-POFQ-pool too cold
POR-Pool VERY nice, not warm not cold
AKL- Pool was a little cold, but refreshing
Blizzard Beach-COLD, in may of all time!!! Then again I’ve been to BB in Nov and
it was actually nice and warm.
SO my pool experiences have been off and on, even though the pools are “supposedly” heated all year round, you just never know what to expect. Heh then theres always the other options…wait did someone already do the ool joke?? LOL


I think it all depends on just how “freezing” you are before you get into the pool. If you get in post-haste, it should feel great. But if you do the whole shower-beforehand jazz and all that, even 82 degrees feels pretty cold to your body! :pinch:

When my family used to swim at our community pool, I remember that no matter the time of year, we always thought the pool felt cold if it was anything below 86 degrees. :eek: (But they DID require us to shower first, always.)

But I would just skip any wetting of the skin before you jump in the pool :wink: and I bet the pools will feel great! :biggrin:


I’ve been reading on another site that WDW has recently lower the pool temperature to cut costs and people are saying it is noticeably cooler. I’m not sure if it’s true but they are saying that the pool temperature is now set at 78 degrees.


our last trip to WDW was last september and the pool water was warm. it has been warm for every trip that we have made so far. when we stayed at the BC, we visited the pool and it was really warm. it was january at the time and to go from 60 degree weather to 82 degree temp. pool water was nice and toasty. you will definitely enjoy the pool water temperature.


That’s wonderful to hear. I also heard the rumor about the lowering of temps, but I wanted to hear first hand accounts. Sounding good so far!!!

Thanks all!! :flowers: