Poor Minnie


Man Accused Of Groping Woman Playing Minnie Mouse - News Story - WFTV Orlando

I never thought about this part of disney. How much CRAP these charaters deal with.


So you saw this too.
The silver lining to this cloud is that it’s a guest accused of molesting a character for once instead of the character being accused (multiple Tigger incidents).


Honestly, what is this world coming to!!!


I saw that about Tigger too. How awful of people to do this and think it’s ok.


The Characters really do put up with so much…and as “Minnie” stated, all the while staying in character. My best girlfriend in college was Snow White at Disneyland. At least once per week, she had a story to share about being taunted, or groped, or abused in some way. She never broke character, and nothing was ever legally brought against the twisted, sick guests who abused her. She just said it was all part of the job, and she put up with it b/c she loved Disney.
I’m glad this guy is being brought to justice!


This scumbag is lucky this didn’t happen while we were there with our daughter… If we were to have witnessed this I would have knocked his a$$ to the ground. What is wrong with people? :mad:


That is just disturbing. I don’t understand how people think sometimes.


I would like to point out - It wasn’t me this time.


Creepy creepy- just goes to show, we have to be so protective of our kids & families. It may be considered the “happiest place on Earth” but that doesn’t necessarily make it the safest place on Earth. :crying:


The follow up article says he was convicted and will server probation, that the judge didn’t think it was ‘sexual’ because there wasn’t a way to determine the sex of the person in the costume…come on…


Isn’t that the best part?



Poor Minnie >.<


lol. I was going to make a joke about that too. But, As I am new here,didn’t want to get flamed.


My gosh- is nothing sacred anymore?:crying:


the judge should be slapped, then impeached, … grabbing someone breasts is not sexual come on . and it is still assault. . the poor girl got abused and then was abused again by the court system. the guys was a 60 year old grandfather … he should be locked up with the key thrown away… you have to wonder what else he has done that he hasnt been caught.


Truly awful. Nothing amazes me or shocks me anymore.


Yeah, but then you’d be the one in jail, not creepy guy.
Just a thought.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;984452]Yeah, but then you’d be the one in jail, not creepy guy.
Just a thought.[/QUOTE]

Right you are sir … Good point.
(Even the voices in my head agree with you!!! :laugh:)


I’m confused…Woman PLAYING Minnie Mouse?

Where is PETA when you need them? Oh, yeah - they are STILL across the river from here.

Just sick and wierd. Grandpa was lucky Minney wasn’t around.


Was it the Doors who sang - “People are strange…”