POP 50's building


Hi all~ Does anyone know if the 50’s building is standard? Thanks…


I just got back from WDW yesterday and we stayed at POP. I am looking at the resort map right now and it’s hard to say. There are three separate buildings that comprise the 50’s; the building with 1000’s, the building with 2000’s and the building with 3000’s. I would definitely say that the 2000 building is standard but I’m not quite sure about the other two.

You may want to call them directly at 407-938-4000.:mickey:


two of the three buildings are standard the one closest to classic hall is prefered


YESTERDAY??? Thats too cool. Thanks for the info… I look foward to reading a TR


Great! Both Mommom and my Aunt carol want to stay in that building so I guess I will put a request in.


I’m going to guess that she is then referring to the 1000’s building.


The 50’s is standard. I think only the 60’s is preferred. We didn’t think the walk was that bad to/from the lobby and bus stop. DS loved the bowling pin pool!


We stayed in the 50’s building in October so little DD could be close the big Lady and the Tramp!:smile: It is standard, and we didn’t feel like we had to walk all that far. In the past, we had stayed in the 80’s and 90’s buildings, and it seemed like we were pretty far from everything in comparison to the 50’s building.


they have changed that now part of the 50s and 70s are also preferred …


Yes that is true. Part of the 50s and 70s are now preferred. We had a great spot in the 70s that wasn’t preferred and close to everything.


We had a great spot in the 70s that wasn’t preferred too. That was last April though, so I wonder if it is now considered preferred. I was hoping to request the same building when we go again in Nov. It really was the perfect building for us.


Oops. Sorry, didn’t know that! :blush:


Does everyone like the POP? Im having mixed feelings. I LOVE ASmovies.


thats ok thats why I let you know :flowers:


I love Love Love pop their food court is the best I love the Asian Chicken salad I can taste the yummiest now …


We absolute love the POP also! We’ve stayed there many times. The food court is great and a big bonus is not having to share buses with other resorts.


Building 1 is adjacent to Classic Hall, therefore it is preferred.
The standard buildings would be 0(70s), 2(50s), 4(60s), 5(60s), and possibly 3(50s), and 6(70) or at least some rooms in those buildings.


We love POP. We have stayed in many different resorts and keep going back to POP because it just works for us. My kids think of it as a home away from home.


When I went last August, I stayed in the 50’s…1000s building. We were in the Lady building. I LOVED our location!!! I also heard that this building is preferred now, though. The other buildings in the 50’s section didn’t seem that much further from Everything POP.


I prefer All Stars Movies over Pop, too!:flowers: It just feels more “Disney” to me.