POP and AoA


does anyone know if y can walk from POP to AoA? And how long of a walk is it?


Yes you can. I’ve not actually walked between the two but I’m guessing it’s maybe 10 minutes depending on where you’re starting and walking to.


If you weren’t aware, AofA was originally supposed to be the other half of Pop. So it’s right across the bridge.


From the furthest part of Art to the furthest part of POP, it’s about a 15minute walk. As said above, it was originally suppose to be the other section of POP. Be aware that soon (no definite date yet) you will need a room key to enter the Art’s pool area. They are going to cut that off to pool hopper from POP. Just a heads up.


Dana, you are always in the know!


I try to be:heart: Thanks for noticing my efforts.:heart:


I heard they had attack dogs guarding the pool area. Are you saying they are JUST going to go with the electric fence? :confused:


Yes, that’s exactly what I am saying. No, a Cast Member told me that once the resort is open in full they you will have to show a resort room key to enter the pool area. I guess in fairness to the people who are staying there, it should be that way? Who knows if it’s even true. I guess we will all wait and see. I was just putting it out there.


Of course we can still pool hop to all the other resorts.


I don’t know how well it is enforced, because I don’t use the pools, however, I believe that you are only allowed to use the pool at the particular resort where you are staying. I think the only exception is that PORS and POFQ may use each others pools because they are really sister resorts. Perhaps I am mistaken on this, and I know someone more knowledgeable will respond. :mellow:


I think cubsblue was joking.


…and I guess I’m the only one who didn’t realize that…:redface:


I stayed at the Polynesian Resort and my best friend was at the Grand Floridian and we used their pool. We never had any issues and it wasn’t locked.


Those are also allowed since Poly doesn’t have a Hot Tub. We were told by the front desk to go to GF when we wanted to take a hot soak on a cool night. Getting over there wasn’t a problem, coming back dripping and cold was. Didn’t seem like it was worth it to us to do it again.


The only real examples of shared pools are the three All Stars, the two Port Orleans, Swolphin, and Yacht/Beach (which is really the same hotel).
I honestly don’t see any reason to stop AoA and Pop guests from sharing pools.
It’s not like one of them has a “Stormalong Bay” mini waterpark. Both resorts in question are value resorts that don’t really have extra features on their pools.

To the walk between, I think if you really took your time, it would take 10 minutes to walk from one main building to the other. The bridge has been in place at Pop since Day One when it was planned that Pop would represent two halves of the 20th Century, or The Classic Years and The Abandoned
And Forgotten Years:laugh: and guests have always been able to cross the “Bridge to Nowhen”, though their way was barred by a fence once they were on the other side.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


I know I’m just raising this weeks after your post, but logically, it doesn’t make sense that there will be some sort of barrier at AoA on their pools that doesn’t exist at any of the other 4 value resorts. In fact, I think all of the pools everywhere are pretty much wide open, excepting Stormalong Bay and possibly the main pool at the Boardwalk Inn, which is actually gated.
Think about the All Stars. Not a fence in sight and the main pools are located so that you almost have to walk through them to get to the main building.

I think in the end, someone said something when they didn’t know what they were talking about.
Not unless they’re going to fence all of the pools at both Pop and AoA.

Another thing here. Who is going to check? The simplest thing would be to totally fence off the pools at AoA and install card reader locks because the keys never say what resort they are for, for guest security reasons. Are they just going to fence off the AoA pools and not the Pop pools, or are they going to fence them all off, and to what real purpose?
Does the AoA main pool have a water slide, a diving board, or some other enhancement other than decoration and theming; or is it just like the other 4 value resort pools collections? And if it is no different, then why would this be the only sister resort to bar neighbors?

This doesn’t make sense to me and looks like a freshly extruded batch of Brown 25 from Uranus Corp.
(Google Groove Tube to get this joke)


The pool isn’t gated. There may be a fence along part of it (the walkway) but it isn’t gated. You can access the pool by going through a walkway around the corner from the boardwalk, no gate.


Sorry, meant to state earlier that that was a joke but I was busy looking for our 2009 mugs so we would not have to buy new ones for the next trip. Thankfully I found some at Goodwill. :pirate:


Oh no, make no mistake, I knew it was a joke.
I just chose to ignore the whole “pool hopping” debate by stepping over it.
All I’m talking about in this thread are sister resorts and their pools.
Swolphin, All Stars, and PO are for sure sisters and Yacht/Beach is all one building. (Sorry, I’m repeating)
Based on those examples, AoA and Pop are sisters in my book.
It just makes no sense not to treat Classic Years and Abandoned Years as sisters who share everything (except buses?:redface:)
I also see that DT posted about BWI’s pool only being fenced, but not gated in response to one of my posts. I just don’t want to get too deep into a discussion about pool hopping between BWI and Stormalong Bay, even if DVC members are allowed to hop and even if I brought it up:redface:.
I think we’re trying to stay away from that third rail (hopping) here.


This should be a hall of fame’r :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

I think in the end, someone said something when they didn’t know what they were talking about.

oh goodness, i’m still laughing :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: