Pop Century here we come!


Well, after booking our airline tickets which we got an awesome deal on, we had to add 2 days to the beginning of our trip. What a shame. HaHa. We have decided to give Pop Century a try for those 2 nights and then move over to the Beach Club Villas where we had our original reservations. I am a little nervous changing resorts during the trip. It was stressful enough last trip when we had to move three times at the same resort since our stay was so long.I had to share my excitement with someone and DH was so excited that he fell asleep before I had even finished booking the flights.


I LOVE POP CENTURY!!!It’s so cool!


Pooh Fan, that’s our trip, too! We’re staying at Pop Century for the six nights I had to add on for my work conference, and then moving over to Beach Club Villas for the final 10 nights (our original vacation booking).


Hooray! That sounds like a blast!

I was just looking at pictures of Pop Century today, it looks like so much fun. :happy: I would love to stay there. I even used a Pop pic as our desktop, just cuz I love planting the bug in DH’s ear about how much I want to go to WDW. (Not that he doesn’t already know, believe me! :laugh:)

I hope you guys love it!


:eek: :eek: :eek:


(I did just notice that your countdown says “half a month”). :blush:

I am so jealous Bali, that is awesome! I didn’t realize you added almost a full week at POP onto your trip!


Yes Ma’am!! Too cool, eh?? The work conference is only 4 days, but there’s a weekend in the interim and it wouldn’t make sense to fly home and then fly back down… :blink: .

What’s great about it is that roomie and I had planned on a 10-day trip last October, but then her pesky breast cancer showed up the week before our trip (:pirate: ). This time, praying all is well on the health front, we’re going to celebrate not only a long trip to the World, but also the end of this crappy year!! :nuke: :crying: :happy:


Oh I hope all goes well for you guys, and you have a WONDERFUL trip! You deserve it! :heart:


Thanks, Dizzy. SHE deserves it, but I’ll tag along for sure!


Yay, Poohfan! :wub:

Wow, Bali - you rock! :happy:


You will really enjoy the Pop!!!


Pooh, congrats on the plans…don’t you just love having to add on??? Who did you book the airfare through that you got such a great deal?


I have had to move too! It took us a little while.


I stayed at three resorts over 9 days. And moving was TOTALLY fine! Even though they will move everything for you, we had a car so it was much easier to move everything ourselves.

It’s SO GREAT to be adding days to your vacay! :happy:


In 2004, we did an 8 day trip with 2 nights at PC, 2 nights at the Contemporary and then 3 nights back at the PC.

Moving bags was really easy. The only thing you need to know is that at the Values, they move the bags on their schedule. At the other resorts, they may or may not deliver the bags to your room before you get there (I think the baggage folks would prefer to deliver bags when someone is there to receive them to improve their odds at getting a tip.)

All in all however, I think Disney does a wonderful job at helping you transfer between resorts.


I wouldn’t worry about changing resorts. It sounds pretty simple. I usually like to stay put and be able to relax, but it is only a couple of days at the beginning of the trip, and the extra hassle means that you’ll be able to enjoy the magic for two extra days. So, I think it’s worth it.


You will be fine with the transfer to BC. Just don’t plan anything that day. That way if it takes a bit longish, it won’t make you feel stressed. If you have somewhere to be then you are going to feel rushed. Congrats on your extra two days! That is awesome.


As soon as Southwest came out with their fares, continental followed. I booked straight through Continental because they had nonstop flights for the times we wanted and DH had a 300 credit to use with them.


Thanks for the reassurance everyone. It will be hard not to plan park time on that day since I was thinking great more time in the parks. This will be one of our shortest trips ever. We will only be at Disney from the 14-21. I can’t even count the 21st as a Disney day because we head over to Universal 1st thing that morning. Maybe I will live out of one suitcase the 1st 2 days (pack the stuff we all need for those days into a smaller suitcase that way we won’t have to touch the other suitcases until we move over to BC.) Then, let Disney move our stuff while we go have fun in the parks and plan a long break or an early evening to get situated at the Beach Club. What do you think? Am I too optimistic that things will go smoothly on the transfer?


I love Dana… but she’s a bit of a control freak. :ohmy: :wub: :laugh:

Seriously, I think you should be more than comfortable to plan park time for the transition day. Bear in mind, you WILL need to check into the new resort, so if you can plan on getting to the new resort (without your bags), perhaps you can check in around 10ish (or sooner). They’ll give you room cards and a phone number to call later on once they actually assign you a room. You can then be free to do whatever you want.

When you get to your room later in the day, be prepared to call and wait for your bags. It could be up to 45 minutes, but more likely than not it will be within 15.



Are you sure we are not married to the same man!!! :laugh:

Everything sounds awesome! I hope you have the time of your life!

Lisa :mickey: