Pop Century Legendary years...Update?


I called Disney dining just now to modify an ADR. I said I didn’t have my reservation #, so she offered to look up by resort. I said POP century. She asked me Legendary or Classic Years?Dumfounded, I said classic I guess. She confirmed that I was in classic. Now why would that be a question? I haven’t heard anything yet. This was foe an Aug. trip this year. Hmmm…


And you didn’t ask for MORE info!! :eek:

I would have been all over that! :laugh::laugh::laugh:


Wait…what does this mean? I’m staying there in Sept.


Whoa!!! Call back and modify another ADR and ask for more information!


Please do. I NEED TO KNOW


Here’s what I found on the Legendary years…
From wikipedia…
The second phase of construction for the resort is the Legendary Years - 1900-1940. This part of the resort resides across the Hourglass Lake, and is connected by the Generation Gap Bridge. Its construction was halted after 9/11 due to the reduction in tourism. As of 2009, the “Legendary Hall” building and a few of the units have been constructed but are not finished. The buildings can be seen on the right hand side of the entrance to Pop Century. Initially the completed resort was to have an additional 2,880 rooms on the “Legendary” side, configured identically to the “Classic” side.

The parking lot for the Legendary Years section was completed during the earlier phase of construction, and occasionally is used as overflow parking for Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex.

And a YouTube video…
YouTube - The Forgotten Legendary Years at Disney’s Pop Century

Nothing I have found says this area is finished or open.


I was too shocked to ask for more info. Im guessing that the option is appearing in some of the search menus on the reservation system. Could be that the ball is rolling a wee bit…


I’m staying at Pop in June, I have to call and add the DDP, I’m going to ask LOTS OF QUESTIONS!! :angel:


Call now! I need to know what’s going on. Oh…nevermind. its after midnight :laugh:
Keep us updated please



I’m staying there in October, so, at the very least, I’ll take pictures…

I know from using Google Earth that most of the original buildings were razed a couple of years ago. The main Hall and one of the buildings is there and used for storage. It appears that the main hall has a functioning HVAC unit on the roof.

It’ll be interesting if we can get any more details on this.


Staying there is Sept., wonder what I will get when I call for ADR’s?


I really think that Pop Century Part 2 is still on hold and going to remain that way for another year or two considering the current economy’s worse than it was in 2002.


I had heard a rumor that they were going to complete it with family suites like they have at ASM, because they have been so popular. When we were there in January there was some activity over there, but it didn’t appear that anything major was going on.


:eek::confused: We were there in March and as the previous poster said there was some activity but not much, probably just general maintenance.


We heard this rumor too and hoped it was true.