POP Century or All Star Movies?


If you had 2 toddlers under 4 would you stay at POP Century Hotel or the All Star Movies Resorts? Which would kids and adults like more?

Thanks Susie


I’m anxious to see these responses as well. The last trip we stayed at POP and this this trip I would have gladly returned there; however, the rest of the group wanted to stay somewhere new, so I got out voted and we are staying at ASMo instead. :pinch:

I loved POP, as did the kids. The pop culture larger-than-life items are so fun. Everything is bright and lively. Each of the decades plays its own music (we were in the 70s, so DISCO music greeted us each time we left the room!). We tried all of the pools and although we were in a standard room, it was less than a 3 minute walk to the main building. We ate in the food court several times and enjoyed it and although it was crowded, we never had a problem finding a table.

No, it is not the GF or CBR, it does not have a lot of “extras”, but we really enjoyed it. And, for a family that can’t always afford the more expensive resorts, we really enjoyed this one… and like I said, would definitely stay again.

It was very convenient for the adults and tons-o’-fun for the kids; don’t be shy about giving it a try!



It has been a while since I have stayed at either one. I am fairly sure I would go with POP. POP has its own bus, ASmusic, ASsports, & ASmovies share buses. I have also experienced a high number of groups at the AS resorts.


MOVIES . . . cooler things to see and the NEW Fantasia pool is VERY cool!! Pop is nice too, but I stayed there in Nov and it was a little shabby. I know they are slowly redoing all the rooms. HECK I stayed in POR in July and those rooms were gross! :blow:

Movies has been redone recently . . . so has Music and Sports so they are nice!!

I use a car, so I can’t tell you about the buses . . . and lots of people complain about the toilet flushing issue etc at the values, but I heard that at the CSR just two weekends ago . . . what can you do? You’re in DISNEY . . . so you’re happy regardless! :happy:


All Star Movies seems like it would hold greater appeal for children, but I have never stayed there. Pop always gets great reviews, and you have to like the fact that it does not share buses with the other values. :slight_smile:


I went to allears.net and they have a photogallery of each resort and my dd loved the icons at All Star Movies, from movies she is currently familiar with, she is three. 101 Dalmations, Toy Story etc.


We stayed at ASMo last time and loved it! We would definitely go back again. The pool was great, and we never had a problem with noise. Granted, it was December and there weren’t THAT many people at the pool. As for the buses, we found that when there were very long lines at closing, they often sent buses for separate AS resorts, or 2 on 1, 1 on another.
We’re going to Pop next month, so it will be interesting to compare.


We been to POP and All star Music. I don’t have any kids but I do see why alot of people with families pick this resort because of theming. I personally like POP myself just because I like the decade theming there.


My son is 4 and we have planned several imaginary trips to WDW, since we can’t plan a real one right now. He picks ASMo every time. We stayed at ASMu in Oct 2005 and I have no complaints at all. Even the buses weren’t a bad wait and only once did we have a bus where we couldn’t all sit down and that was at Epcot closing. I did get a seat so that I could hold DS, since he was only 2, I really didn’t trust him to be standing even though he was wide awake.
I know for our next trip, in 2009 hopefully, there’s a 98% chance we’ll be staying at ASMo, since I don’t see his preference changing anytime soon!


I let my kids pick(at the time age 4 and 7). Last April we went and we stayed at AS movies we loved it. Everything was great at the resort a couple of times the bus was crowded but hey you are at Disney and about to have fun. I am currently planning another trip they both chose POP this time…must be the age difference


We have stayed at both resorts and found them both very nice for being considered a value resort. The kids (and the parents) loved the larger than life icons. We stayed in the Toy Story section and loved the large Buzz Lightyear and Woody toys. They look so real! The Fantasia pool is very nice and we enjoyed the surroundings of ASM a little better than POP Century. My suggestion with both kids under the age of 4 is ASM. They will be able to recognize some of the icons in Toy Story, and 101 Dalmations


I’ve never stayed in either but I would think that All Star Movies woul dbe cool for the reasons mentioned.


Both resorts are fantastic and I would think both adults and kiddies will enjoy the theming


I have only stayed at Pop and not Movies. I do think toddlers would enjoy Pop too. Pop has the Goofy pop up jets, which my 3 year old loved. They also have recognizable icons for kids. Lady and the Tramp, Mowgli and Balou, Mr and Mrs Potato Head, a big Mickey Mouse phone and my son’s personal favourite… the giant Big Wheel.
I don’t think you can go wrong with either resort, but my vote would be for Pop due to the fact that it doesn’t share busses and has a better food court and gift shop. Oh and the Goofy jets are a big factor for me too.


haven’t stayed at all star, but pop century was great - we would stay there again if we stay onsite again!


I’ve stayed at both and I prefer POP to the All Stars…however…with two kids under four years old I think that staying at ASMo would amaze them to see the characters they love so big.
They both have pros and cons and basically you are getting the same thing at both places but Pop is just a little bit newer, cleaner and better arranged.

But! If you can’t get ASmovies for some reason and can only stay at ASSports or Music then you should def. pick POP.


Never stayed at ASM, but twice a Pop and it’s great. Very good food court and a large gift shop, nice pools.


I’ve stayed at all of the values. My personal preference is Pop,but for some reason,the All-Stars seem to be the value that comes up when I call for the AP discount.


I have to say all stars movies with the two little ones…I think the larger than life characters all over the resort would appeal to them more.


I absolutely LOVED POP! My kids loved it, too. DS chose this resort because he was obsessed with Lady and the Tramp at the time. Of course, we stayed in the 50s section…the Lady building! It was a PERFECT location. I’d stay at POP again in a heart beat.