POP Century question


We’re considering Pop Century for our upcoming trip. We’ve never stayed at a value resort so I’m not sure of the room size. My DH and I cannot comfortably share a double bed (used to a King and I need lots of pillows!) My 7 yr old DD is a wild sleeper so neither of us can sleep with her. Can we bring an air mattress for her and if it is allowed, is there even room for it? I don’t mind being cramped but just want to make sure there would be room for it. I’ve seen the floor plan and read it that it is small - 260sq ft. Anyone ever done this?


We have done the air mattress thing, it is cramped but do-able (is that even a word?) You can also get a rollaway, but I think they’ll charge you about $15 a nite for it. We have done 5 in a room by using an air matress.


What is DH and DD?


Dear Husband and Dear Daughter (or Disney husband and Disney Daughter)


DH=Disney Husband
DC=Disney Daughter

Here is a link to a list of the abreviations used here at DC (mostly). It was really helpful when I was new, Lefty :mickey: And if I haven’t said so, welcome to DC!


karliebug–have you ever gotten a rollaway at PC? I am asking because I have read on other boards of people getting them, but when I called CRO they told me no rollaways there, or at any of the values (and I told them 4 people needing 3 beds, not 5 in the room). Just curious :flowers:


I think to fit the air mattress you just might need to move the bed if possible… A twin air mattress might fit, but not a full or queen.


The air mattress will be TIGHT! But, as Karliebug said, I’m sure it’s doable…



I think the airmattress will be doable if u make it work. I have stayed at asmovies and had no problem with family 4 and space. I figure we are only there to sleep.


The doubles are fairly spacious, I assume you roll around a lot :tongue:

I was just there for the past 5 days, and I really don’t know if there is room for an air mattress. You could try it, I suppose…

Kings are just about impossible to get at Pop.


I think you would be fine. We stayed at Pop in November last year in one of the king rooms. We thought we had a enough room for the three of us and even had a pack n play in the room for our DD. Have fun!