POP Century Questions


As you can see from my signature, I am no stranger to the POP Century Resort. However, for the life of me I cannot remember if the rooms have irons, ironing boards and blow dryers. Can anyone refresh my memory:confused:


I only remember a hair dryer. I dont beleive they have them.


I remember having a hair dryer conntected to the wall there. I used it once and it did not work good for mebc i have thick hair. I can’t really remember if they have a iron there but I can ask my future DH about that when he gets home if you have not found the answer yet.


congrats on your wedding and honeymoon. I know they have the blow dryer but also can remember seeing a iron or ironing board


I think I’ll bring my blow dryer - I hate being confined to the only bathroom to dry my hair or my kids hair - it’s easier to plug it in somewhere else sometimes.

I bet you can request an iron/board if you need one!


I know they have a blow dryer for some reason I am thinking an iron. Even though I don’t iron on vacation. I iron before I leave and hope for the best. lol
No coffee maker in the room though, which depending on where you are, can be a pretty good walk just for some wake up juice lol.


If they don’t have a blow dryer or iron and ironing board in the room, all you have to do is ask for one and they’ll bring it.


I know I’ve seen them in deluxe and mods. I think I’ve seen them in the two All Stars I’ve stayed at as well as the Pop.


I am the ironing queen! No person in my family will go out in wrinkled clothes! That said, we always stay at POP, and yes, the rooms do have ironing boards and irons. I couldn’t live without them!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


:laugh: A soulmate! I iron all my clothes before I pack them and every piece of clothing we put on before heading to the parks, (to many sighs and much rolling of eyes). I almost wish we could stand on the buses, so as not to wrinkle.:laugh:


LOL at the ironing. My Dad was in the military. I remember he ironed everything perfectly. He even ironed my jeans. I remember going to high school with a perfectly ironed fold down the front of my jeans…so not cool. Don’t get me started on the linen closet. Everything so perfectly folded and organized. It was a site to behold. My poor Mom could never keep it as nice and since he has passed it just doesn’t look the same, but she tries. He used to visit me and look at my linen closet and just shake his head.


i never ever iron…not even in real life so I am probably not the girl to answer this question–but i THINK POP Century does have iron and board, I remember the ironing board was one of those tiny little ones.


You iron BEFORE you pack?:blink: :ohmy: :pinch: The only things I iron are the things worn to the “nice” restaurant!:laugh: :blush: Or…the really badly wrinkled stuff…maybe:closedeye :laugh: :laugh:


I just put that stuff on a hanger, put it in the shower area and blast the shower on extra hot and hope it steams out…:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I have done that in the past too:blush: :blush: :laugh: :laugh:


I’m with you on that one . . . I seem to remember though, one time needing one, and I called mousekeeping and they brought a board and an iron . . . they did it with hairdryers too, before they upgraded and put them in all the rooms.


Stayed at POP last February – can’t go anywhere without all three, hair dryer, iron and ironing board. I know that they are all at POP, but no coffee makers :crying:


Hey, here’s to slightly wrinkled t-shirts and bad shorts:laugh:


What’s an iron? :ph34r:


Its something you exercise with.:laugh: