Pop Century questions


Hello all! I had some POP questions. What is the best building to stay in that’s standard? I want to be as close to the main building as possible. I was thinking of staying at POP but wanted to have any and all info on it. The only values I’ve stayed in before was ASMovies and Sports so any info would be helpful… Thanks


50’s is the best building in my opinion. I like it’s decorations for one, also, they have a nice pool which isn’t as crowded as the 70’s pool, which is RIGHT outside the main building. It’s not very relaxing, it’s crowded and congested. But 50’s is still REALLY close and a short enough walk.

I’d say 50’s or 70’s. NOT 80’s or 90’s, they are sooo far. haha. We went for a late walk one night, it was sooo much farther than we thought.

Any other questions I’d be glad to help. I loveeee POP.


I agree with StaceyDarling. And last time we requested a 60’s even though we paid for a standard room. The CM was awesome and said, “You’re in luck! We have a room for you!” It was facing the lake . . . very quiet! I’m hoping we’re either 50’s or 70’s this time (or maybe with a little luck again, the 60’s).


Does anyone know which buildings have rooms with king beds? do they all?

My boyfriend and I already requested a room with a king bed months ago, but would also like to request a good building, and I would like to know which buildings our choices are limited to.

I have stayed in 70’s twice, and liked it. I never used the pool, so I can’t vouch for its popularity. Walking distance was short, but still far enough away from all the hoopla at the main pool.


thanks all! I think this will be my pick and im going to request the 50’s with lady and the tramp. Thanks all for your help. Stacy if I have any questions Ill send ya a PM if thats ok. Thanks again!


I haven’t stayed at Pop since '04 BUT we always did the ‘60’s building’ and liked our location. I like to be close to everything also & we were just about as close as one could get. We basically walked out of our door, went down an elvator & were at the main pool area.

My siter-in-law stayed at Pop two years ago & they were in the 90’s building. Ugh, no way. blargh.


thanks for the info!


No problem! I have any help you need.