Pop Century Resort


Planning on staying at Pop Century. Any one here that can tall me about fun things at the resort? Have never stayed there before but we are looking forward to it!. Thanks


It’s themed really cool. It has a pool, gift shop and an arcade. I don’t know of any entertainment other than the things I have already listed. They also have a food court, but no restaurant. Have you ever stayed at the All stars resort? It’s the same set-up sorta with the same amenities…just newer.


Like Dana said. I like the shopping there. They have several pools. They have a place set up at times to do paint tatoos and hair stuff. Arcade.


I will be there in 50 Days!!! :biggrin: :cool:
I’ll let ya know, lol

Iam also from Rochester Ny!!!:cool:
I was born there and have a ton of family there!


A lot of families with kids LOVE the Value Resorts because of their larger than life icons. I am sure my son would LOVE to wake up to a Dalmation (at ASMo) or a HUGE Big Wheel out of our window every day!!! :laugh:


Iam going there because my 8yr old DD picked it!!!
she saw it on the planning video last year and has been wanting to go there since!!! I was skeptical since it was a Value but I went with it since I knew how bad she wanted to stay there and Iam saving myself $$! :laugh:


You win both ways…your 8 year old gets the resort of her choice while you save money. WIN:WIN!!!


She totally loved the pool area at the POP!

it also justifies my reason for picking the Poly for next year!!! :laugh:


SWEET!!! That is my FAVORITE resort. Ever. Period. JEALOUS!!! :happy:


I must say we stayed at the POP the first year it opened and we were very impressed with it . Staff very friendly …always clean …very Disney magical . Well this year …about 17 of us went and I will say I was not very impressed with it . We will be staying at a moderate next time . We checked in and my brothers room had a huge leak in it ( the one bed was drenched ) . They came and took care of it …well 3 days later and it was still leaking …so …at midnight they came to wake the entire family up to LOOK at the problem . The next night we came back and they had torn up the carpet in half the room and had fans on in the room to dry it out . My brother had to go to the front desk to complain and they finally moved him and gave him money back . Well …the next day we come back and the toliet is broke in his new room …took 2 days to fix it …gave him more money back . Then in our room half the time ( we were there 11 days ) they only made one bed and the other was left with no bedspread on it . My mom and aunt had to call the front desk to request toliet paper and they brought them 2 rolls …the next day the cleaning crew had taken the extra one back out of the room . We had to call the front desk every other night because people ( kids with no parents ) would be in the pool till 2 am or later …yellin …screaming … I am all for having fun but you need to sleep and with kids they need to sleep …they would send security down to the pool to drive by but never once stopped to ask them to be quiet or get out … It just was not a good experience there this time . The grounds are beautiful and the icons are larger than life . The food court has really great food but the service we got was not very good . Usually the cleaning people make little animals out of the towels for you and decorate the windows with the kids stuffed animals but we got none of that and we were in a least 7 different rooms . I hope you have a good stay and maybe we just got them at a bad time . All in all it was a good vacation but we will not stay at POP again .


I’m so sorry you didn’t have a magical time at Pop Century.We love it.This will be our third trip and have had nothing but the best time every time.The food court is very good,the pools are very clean,and the staff is very friendly.We got the towel animals everytime we have stayed there.The shopping is very good with a wide selection for everyone in the family.There is a pool bar and arcade and a stand where you can get your cariciture (sp?)drawn and your hair braided with beads.There is also a tempory tattoo stand.In the back is a bridge where you can feed the fish and turtles.I think it’s called Generation Gap Bridge.Its nice to walk around and see all the big icons.I think you’ll love it.


Do not forget to get the refillable mug which you can use during your entire stay at the pop/coffee/tea stands in the food court


POP was the first Disney resort I have ever stayed in. I really enjoyed it. Since I am old as dirt, I loved the theming ftom the 60’s and 70’s. Also since I am a MAC addict it was coolseeing the shadowboxes with the early Apples. The boys loved the Hippy Dippy Pool. Food was good and it was just fuuun to walk around and look at the bigger than life icons. Highly recommend to anyone.:blush:


Fun things:

[li]Tie Dye Cheescake
[/li][li]Twinkie Teramisu
[/li][li]TV Dinner Specials of the day! (better than what it sounds, it only looks like a tv dinner)
[/li][li]Great Gift Shop


The quiet pools(computer and bowling pin)are better,IMHO than the Hippy Dippy Pool.


about how long to walk around and view everything? (icons)


We are leaving in 12 hours for a week at POP Century.

We stayed there last year about this time and had an excellent stay. There is a playground for kids, and my kid got into the Goofy Jets water that shoots out of the ground.

We found it to be nice, clean and modern for a “value” resort. I admit that we only ventured over to the other side of the resort the last day. The place is huge!!

Last year, I had wanted AS Movies, but it wasn’t available at the time, so the operator suggested POP. She said we would love it, and she was right.

Alright, back to packing…where did I put those speedos…

12 hours 23 minutes until takeoff…


My kids loved the water play area (with the fountains shooting up from the ground) even more than the pools. The other value resorts don’t have that.


My brother is a cast member and he recommended it to me.

I’ll know more when I get back. I am leaving in 3 weeks (that’s 21 days, 6 1/2hours, and 12 seconds.


We stayed there two times in a row and really liked it. The gift shop is big and nice and the food court is good. If you would like to see some night-time pictures I took of the different buildings, here is a link:
Philip Kemp Feb. 2005 Pop Century Photos