Pop Century- The Legendary Years Vs. Forgotten Years


So how LONG ago does it feel like the began making the forgotten years! (1900-1940’s) I realllllly want them to finish those! They haven’t been working on them (hencewhy I think its funny that they are the forgotten years!) I wonder what they will be like. I really want to see the '30s!

Anyone else excited for those to be finished!

I don’t think they will do as well though, because other the the 30’s I don’t think any of the other years have quite as pivotal a theme or appeal as the legendary years do.


I don’t think they are planning on finishing it.


Hmm, I was hoping that wasn’t the case! I thought so too. Because I think they realized, sadly, it’ll sort of be a waste of money. I think it should stay just the legendary years, plus they’d be so far away from the others. :confused:


Actually, if you listen to the rumors…They are waiting to see if the All Star Music Resort Family Suites are a success. If they are then they will turn the entire Phase II Construction of POP will become Family Suites.


Hmm, that sounds like a good idea. Will they still be budget suites? Or no? Suites with kitchens and living areas, or just suites that accomdate more people per room?


Oh, I wish they WOULD do the older years – I think the themes could work, though there might be some issues… (For the Great Depression, would the food court be a depressing soup kitchen?)


I know it’s so sad when you look across the lake . . . :frown:

I wish they would fix em up . . . cuz I hate when I call and they say “NO ROOMS AVAILABLE!” :glare:


We were just discussing that the other day! That is so funny that you mention that! haha. I know, I agree.


I think the 20’s would be an awesome theme!


Well I can’t see them letting that area sit untouched forever…that would be stupid after spending all that money on the construction itself. It makes sense that they are testing out the suites to see how well they do and making a final decision from there, but there is no way that WDW will let all that possible $$$ just sit there…empty rooms could be full rooms etc.

I also agree with the majority and think the olders years will make a really cool theme…I kinda think that should be have been opened first over the older years.


LOL… soup kitchen! And the huge figures by the buildings could be a broken stock ticker machine, a businessman standing on a street corner selling pencils and maybe a wooden nickel!

Actually, with the way our economy is today, maybe I shouldn’t joke…

The 40s would be so cool. Andrews Sisters and Busby Berkeley and all that cool stuff!


Yes! And it would feed my 1940s obsession!


I can’t remember where I heard it but I recall this being the case, too. It does seem like those buildings have been sitting there forever!!


The 20’s would be amazing! I love that era!


Victory gardens, atomic bombs, and flappers! OH MY!


Idea for new themed resort and variations:
The Cold War
The Kremlin
Missile control and silos
NORAD/War Games
The Greenbriar Government Bunker
Camp David Vacation Club guest cottages


I read this out loud to my DW and she is still laughing…thanks friend that was just rich :laugh:


SAME! That really makes me MAD!


The second phase of Pop was derailed by 09/11/01. It cut into the travel industry heavy. I’ve heard all along that construction will resume as numbers rebound.

Of course, just as tourism was ramping up again, gas prices soared. I’m sure that’s not helping.


Can you imagine how crowded the parks would be if the full POP was booked!

They need to build another park or build out the rest of AK.