Pop Century Tips and Hints


We’re going to be staying at PC for the first time. Any tips or hints on how to get the best out of our stay? I picked the 60’s complex as a preferred location and asked for the lake view. What do you think? Also, how is their “touted” shopping area which is larger than the other values? What’s good at the food court?

Please advise!


The chicken and pasta with fetuccini sauce is really good. So is the chili cheese dog. The tie-dyed cheese cake is nothing to write home about. The gift shop is really great. They have an everything 10 dollars and under table which is good.


The 60’s is nice…if you requested a room by the lake…that’s even better…the rooms in front of the Hippy Dippy Pool–while convienant–are usually loud…Although…Lake views will be a bit longer hike from the busstops and Classic Hall…but, you’re at Disney…walking is just how it goes.
The food court/gift shop is the best “resort gift shop” in my opinion. It is the biggest one I have seen–i haven’t seen them all…but I’ve seen most of them–and they seem to have the most “Disney Stuff” in it…other resorts sell a lot of stuff that goes along with the theme of the resort…POP dosn’t really do that…they will have a few novelty items…but not many. It can get a little loud in there since the food court and gift shop share a space…but…a misconception I had was something like “the pizza is right next too the pins” kind of thing…but thats untrue…a waist high devider and counters separate the store from the food court…so…you won’t exactly be bumping into people with trays if you catch my drift…also the POP shop is large…whoever designed it did a good job bc there is always LOTS of people in there and they spaced out the store very well…The store is awesome though…it is very “Disney-esque”
The food court is good, but, it’s just a food court. Mom’s Night Out specials are always tasty, and as usual…the mugs are always the way to go!
One of the smartest things the POP desingers did was the bus area…yes…POP is probaly the busiest resort–but they set up queue lines like in the parks for the buses…very smart indeed because there is always that one family that tried to run up and pretend like they got there first so they dont have to wait for the next bus…
The bad thing is…POP line are ALWAYS the longest at the parks…and they are almost ALWAYS the LAST bus line in the bunch…
I know you’ll love POP…it’s lots of fun…


Pop is great. we stayed there in jUne the store is very large and has alot of neat stuff. my DD didnt pack enough socks and i had to run in there to buy some. Of course i also bought a skirt , couple tops and assorted other stuff i do not remember. food courst is good. we only ate a couple breakfasts mostly coffee and danish kind of stuff so my DH could take his morning meds. had one lunch which was good. it was almost a year ago and i do not remember what we had.

we loved the hotel and my DH and i are going in september for our 25th annniversary . we had thought about a moderate but we liked the pop so much we are staying there instead. the buses in the am are not bad at night it backed up.


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Pop is great. We have stayed there twice. Lake view is the way to go IMO.

You have already gotten some great advise, I would add that if you are planning on going to the food court for breakfast get there before 8:30. By 9 it is packed and the lines are long.


I like the Ice Cream sundaes at the food court!


We stayed a couple of times a Pop. Just a warning …we had an incident by the computer pool last August. I took my two kids up to the room for a bathroom break and left my husband by the pool. While he was taking a ‘seista’ someone stole our bag right off the table next to where he was sleeping. When I came down I notice that the bag was missing. We ask the lifeguard if he saw something but no luck. Security came and wrote up a police report. During this time, a couple of other guest came over and actually saw the young man take our bag. They discribe him pretty well. I remember seeing him hanging around the pool by himself, moving from spot to spot. I thought to myself that he didn’t look the a typical Disney travelers.

My husdand walked the grounds to see by a chance ‘he may have dumped the bag’ somewhere (garbage cans, near vending machines) … well about a couple of hours later he found it in the bottom of a outdoor stair case. We were very lucky because everything was left in the bag. I had no money or credit cards in there but our $400 digital camara, some books and kids clothes.

It appears he was probally looking for cash and/or credit cards. I am sure this can happen anywhere but remember to keep your guard up. It is easy to let it down at Disney. This happen on our first day there. Needless to say, we were much more conscious the rest of the trip.


Wow!! I’m glad that nothing was stolen from you.


Thanks, even at WDW it pays to be cautious!


Wow, that is so scary. I cant believe that thief was so bold to do that! I guess that I wouold think if I were next to my bag, it would be safe!


We are staying at Pop for the first time too. We are going in September (in the past I have only ever been in summer) and heard that September is a quiet time to visit - will there still be the problem with buses in September?


The buses are what they are.
There are 3000 rooms at Pop and they don’t share with anyone.
Disney strives to run buses every 20 minutes.
If 600 people all decide to return to Pop promptly after a park closes, you’re going to need at least 12 buses to take everyone back to the hotel just to deal with the park close rush and not considering the next 200 who are hanging back hoping to not get caught in the rush.
Yes, Disney does surge extra buses at park close, but still, physically it takes time to load up, especially when there are scooters and to a lesser extent, strollers.


DW and I really enjoy POP. We have stayed a few times and we have no complaints. We would occasionally do breakfast and even a few dinners. They have a couple of “home-cooked” options that are pretty good and the chicken, pasta, alfredo meal is pretty good also. We have stayed in nearly every decade and really do not have much of a preference (but we do not mind or complain about the walking). POP is a good choice, hope you enjoy it!