Pop Century Turtles


Just came back from Pop, and thought I’d share this. We went touring around the resort one evening, and walked to the bridge connecting Pop with the new resort they are building. It’s over hourglass lake.

Well anyways, while it gives a good view of the new resort, when we walked over the bridge, there were a dozen or so turtles and a school of fish swimming around the bridge that the kids can look down and see. People must feed them there, because they looked like they were waiting for us to offer up some food.

It was a good experience for the kids, as we live in a city, and turtles are in short supply…



There’s wild life all over WDW, from the ducks and rabbits to gators and deer.
When waiting for the boat at DHS, there’s a fish food dispenser just before you enter the queue line on the dock proper and you can always see fish there. Same for the Friendship dock at Yacht/Beach.
I’m trying to think if I’ve seen a turtle on the paths in Epcot, or where I saw that.


Funny you are mentioning this. My daughter and I fed those big monsters every day! Did you see the little guy with the chipped shell and missing foot? I think there may be a gator or two lurking in there as well as the turtles and fish.:ph34r:


Dana, did you see the bunnies? There is a family that lives around the lake. We have seen some every time we have been to the Pop.


Love all the wildlife at WDW. We were at the Beach Club one chilly February and every evening everybody had to clear out of the hot tub, because the ducks had claimed it for themselves.


How cute!

I love the WDW wildlife, too - especially the bunnies at Pop Century. Some of the birds at AK are insane! They have food-stalking ducks at the outdoor eating area for Flame Tree BBQ, and these huge cannibalistic cranes that seek out turkey leg scraps at one of the carts. Cracks me up.


Of course, duckies and bunnies abound at the Wilderness Lodge and you often see duckies swimming in the pool unmolested.


Plus Ducks and Bunnies are delicious!

(not a fan of turtle…no idea why.)