Pop century


Planning a trip next January and hope to stay at PC. Any ideas as to which the best buidings would be, fairly close to the bus stops and the food court would be nice. And my wife has knee problems so is it possible to request a ground floor room and be reasonably sure to get one?



I would spend the extra $10 a night and request a ground-floor preferred room. That way you know you will be close to the main of everything and your wife will have a first floor. Be sure to have it noted on your reservation and make sure you request it again at check-in. PAying for the preferred room guarantees you are as close as possible. The first floor thingy is a request. Disney is usually pretty good with requests. Make sure you tell them it’s for medical reasons.


we just booked our second trip staying at the POP the last time we got all of our requests, no smoking ground floor. we stayed in the 70 building. at that time it was not a preferred building. we just booked our trip for september and was told that the 60,70, and 80 building are all considered preferred buildings and are therefor 10.00 more a night… the 70 building was good close to the main building. i beleive the 60s building was closer.


Faerie Dust, only 60s is preferred, 50’s and 70’s are standard buildings.

The 60’s is surrounding the main pool, and right next to the main buildling. Personally, I prefer the 80’s, close to the bus stops, cheaper, but a bit further from everything else. Really, not a bad room in the building, but if you are worried about walking distances, pay for the preferred, it will be worth it for you.


UM interesting AAA told us that all 60,70, and 80s are now preferrred as they recently changed things we are staying in i think the one near the pond ? we were ok with that as it is quieter. i quess they were incorrect.