Pop Century


We will spend 2 nights at Pop Century before we move over to the BCV. Should I bother requesting a particular building? If so, what building and is there anything else request wise that I should add to our reservation?


I chose to just take pot luck and was very happy this time. If anything I would request a 1st floor room. For some reason I just found the elevator/stairs thing to be a bother when we were on the 4th floor the time before.


I don’t like to walk and I have found that this resort is very close to the buses and Classic Hall. I don’t think you will need preferred rooms here.


I suggest the 70’s buildings, as they are closest to the buses.

Also, the first floor will be the noisest, with kids/families running back and forth. We stayed on the 4th floor 2 years ago and found it calm and quiet.


90’s is pretty close to the buses too.


If you stay on the back side of the 60’s building,you can see the fireworks from Illuminations at Epcot.But the 70’s and 90’s are closest to the busses and food court.


Not exactly.

You’re right about the 60’s.

The 70’s is closest to Classic Hall. Most of the 90’s is closest to the buses (walking across the parking lot), except for the rooms way off the back side. The 80’s is right between and, IMO, a pretty good compromise.

I agree with Cavey that if you don’t mind the elevators (we actually prefer the stairs anyway), the 3rd and 4th floors tend to be quieter. On either, there’s no ground-level noise. On the 4th floor, there are no bathrooms above you or people walking around on their floor/your ceiling.

Alma is also correct that there really isn’t a bad location at Pop Century. I think it has a terrific layout.


i need your help our family is going to stay in the Pop century. I need to know where rooms are close to the buses.