Pop Century


We are traveling to the Pop in November for the first half of our trip. As per my 4 year old son’s request. Any suggestions on which building to request??? :confused:


I haven’t stayed at Pop, but we will be staying there next month for the first time. I will be glad to read the responses you get!!
Oh, and BTW, welcome to MB!! (It is a little belated, since you joined in March, but I see this is only your second post!! Either way, we are glad to have you!)


I loved the Sixties since that was a great time to be born. I think it is available at the preferred room rate. It was close to the food court and the hippy dippy pool.:mickey:


Yes, my son likes the pictures of the bowling pins, but I’m not sure which decade that is in…


We stayed in the 50’s Building we really enjoyed it. There is a bowling pin
pool there. Really fun.


If your ds likes the bowling pins, the 50’s building is where they are. And not a long walk to the main building.

We stayed at the 60’s building and liked it a lot. It’s the closest to the main bldg.

Next time we might go for the 80’s. Love the big Roger Rabbit icon!!


Just stayed there for the FOURTH time in July. We always stay in the 70’s section…but that’s just because that’s where we stayed when we went the first time, and we became incredibly comfortable there. Not to mention that we looooove the disco in the common areas! IMO, there’s a lot more “greenery” in that area, so it feels a little cooler, and not too far from Hourglass Lake. I find the other decades to not have as many trees and bushes. It seems kind-of bare. We usually swim in the Hippy Dippy pool, because there’s always something going on there…but the bowling pin pool is a lot of fun too, and not quite so crowded. Really, I don’t think you can go wrong regardless of which decade you stay in. :slight_smile:


We’ve stayed at Pop Century 4 times, twice in the 90s building, once in the 80s building, and once in the 50s building. We don’t prefer one over the other. They’re all great, and the only one I’ve actually requested was the 50s building so my youngest could be near the big Lady and the Tramp.:happy:


We stayed at Pop once and we had the 60*s building. It really depends on your preferences. I prefer to be up close to the lobby & main pool, so the 60’s building was PERFECT. We literally walked out of our building and I was practically in the lobby; close to the buses, food court, arcade, laundry, poolside bar, etc.

I feel too secluded when placed in the back of the value resorts, but that’s just my preference.


I was reading recently that the Pop Century room air conditioners have some type of motion sensor or something similar that makes the AC turn off during the day.

Is this true and does it created any real problems?:confused:


I think 50’s is the greatest, because it’s my favorite decade. Thats where my family stays every year! But 70s would probably be good, just because of the pool and how close it is to the lobby and arcade and food court. 80s and 90s are cute, but wayyy further out of the way then the 60s and 50s are.

We love Pop! :wub:


We’ve been many times and have always stayed in a preferred location. What you may want to do is go to allears.net and check out the map layout of the resort. This way you can put in a “request” as to where you would like to stay. Believe it or not, we’ve done that for each stay and have always gotten what we want. They are awesome!!


[QUOTE=Big Al;863025]I was reading recently that the Pop Century room air conditioners have some type of motion sensor or something similar that makes the AC turn off during the day.

Is this true and does it created any real problems?:confused:[/QUOTE]

:huh: I’ve never heard this. I don’t think that’s true because our room has always been nice and cool when we return from time out.


The bowling pin pool was never crowded. Never saw more than 4 people in it at one time.


Same here…


My family has always stayed in the preferred room section…where the big Baloo is. Love it. Especially after walking all day long at MK and walking to Pop’s bus station (which of course is the last one and the one with the longest line after closing time). So I recommend the preferred room. You are closer to everything, and do not have to walk so far to get to the buses or the main lobby.