Pop Century


Which section do you prefer? Should we ask for the 50’s building or the 60’s building…which is quiter??


I’m not too sure as we have never stayed there before but I requested the 50s because I heard it was close while still paying the standard rate


We love the “Lady” building in the 50’s - it is very close to the Main Hall and it is right by the Bowling Pin Pool (which is quieter and not as crowded as the Hippy Dippy Pool. The only other section we have stayed at was the 80’s and we did not like it at all. The Computer pool? please, it is a square - and totally boring and Far from the main Hall. Part of the Lady building is preferred, part is standard, so dont pay extra for preferred unless all the standard rooms are filled!


Cool, thanks for the help. We stayed there once, a one day/one-night surprise trip to WDW in April but didn’t spend any time scoping the place out. It’s always best to know what you are requesting when you call!!


I knew I could count on you for some Pop advice. I just called and requested the 50’s building.


Both times we stayed at Pop we were in the 50’s section…Lady’s building the first time on the second floor and Tramp’s the next on the ground floor… One wasn’t quieter then the other to be honest with you, but the ground floor was a perk :slight_smile:

I love the 50’s just due to the fact the Bowling Pin Pool was SO much quieter then the Main Pool. It was also a perfect location to strool down grab a drink, ice cream or what ever and go back for a late night drink/snack either by the pool or in the room…

The second trip there we payed for a “preferred” room and got the 70’s building believe it or not (no pool is preferred???)… That’s when we got ground floor in Tramp’s building… The first time it was standard room on the second floor… No difference except a quick elevator ride or 16 steps…


“Quiet” depends on where you are in each section. We’ve been in the 50’s twice and the 60’s once. I would think 60’s poolside would be noisy because that’s the most popular pool and it’s always busy. We were 60’s lakeside and it was sooo quiet and peaceful. We did a 50’s lakeside and that was also very quiet and peaceful. This past trip we were in the 50’s sort-of-poolside (kind of at an angle, but about a 20 yard walk) and it was suprisingly quieter than we thought it would be. I really don’t remember any of us complaining one time about noise.


I actually really like the 70’s section, we stayed by the Mickey phone and loved it and requested it again for our up coming trip. Not to far to walk to different areas. Away from the noise of the pool. Close to the Goofy jets which our son loves. It was the perfect spot for us.


We’ve stayed in the 50’s, 80’s and 90’s buildings, and I love the 50’s building with Lady the best. It’s very convenient.


We stayed on the far side of the Bowling Pool in January…VERY quiet…maybe only b/c it was too cold in January for most folks to be in/near the pool. Walk to main hall wasn’t terrible…after running the marathon, walking was pretty nice, anyway!


I kind of like the 50s building as well, especially because it is quiet and pretty close to the main hall but not too close. This year we are going to check out the 80s building…I LOVE everything 80s! Our first year staying at POP we actually stayed at the 60s and it wasnt nearly as quiet as the 5os, although very convenient to the main hall. Here is a link to the resort map if you want to check it out. Disney’s Pop Century Resort Map - wdwinfo.com


We stayed in the 50’s building by Tramp in Dec. We were on the top floor, and could see the fireworks from MK and Epcot, it was awesome! It was also very quiet, no one walking around in a room above you.


Since my wife must use a power wheel chair we prefer areas that don’t have rough walkways that beat her and the chair up. We therefore choose the 70s area. Other than that anywhere in Pop Century is great with us.


[QUOTE=subvetss;970278]Since my wife must use a power wheel chair we prefer areas that don’t have rough walkways that beat her and the chair up. We therefore choose the 70s area. Other than that anywhere in Pop Century is great with us.

Oh, that picture makes me want to go back. Now. :pinch:


Called today and requested the top floor. I don’t know why I didn’t do this in the first place. It always takes me a few nights to get used to the noise above me.


We always request a room in the 50’s building - side A on the map, facing the luggage desk. It is a great location. Close to the buses, pools and food court, but very quiet.