Pop Century


Staying at Pop Century in August? Good Choice?


We enjoyed Pop Century. Have you stayed at a Disney Resort before? You can’t beat the atmosphere at any Disney Resort Hotel…

It is kind of spread out, so as you get closer, you may want to look on the map and request a building closer to the main lobby, food court and bus stops. We were not in the closest building and ifnImgo again will request one a bit closer.


We love Pop. The pool is great, the foodcourt is one of the best and they have a pretty decent game room. You can’t go wrong there!!


Sure. Why not.
I just threw out a left over parking pass from August 6, 2010.


We love Pop. Very family friendly and the food court is really good. Enjoy your stay!


LOVED my stay there last August. I think the service is perfection there! I love going to the food court at noon and watching the cast members come out and do the twist and there is nothing more fun than doing the hustle at 6pm in the lobby. The lifeguards entertain the kids from sun up to sun down…it’s honestly one of the best stays I have ever had on property.


PC is a great place to stay. We’ve done it twice.


We have stayed at Pop twice and I loved it. The foodcourt is awesome and the pool is pretty great. I’d request a king bed and a preferred room spot. Its more money, but well worth being closer to the main lobby! Oh and def try the tie-dye cheesecake!


We’ve stayed at Pop twice & loved it. The best of the Value resorts, especially since it’s the only one with it’s own bus line. Enjoy!


I have stayed in both standard and preferred rooms I would definately get a preferred room well worth the money.


There’s a part of building 9 that I really like. It has what is almost its own parking section that the other buildings’ guests seem to avoid and it isn’t that bad of a walk to the main building and bus stops.
Building 8 and 7 aren’t too bad either, depending on where in the building your room is in relation to the parking closest to the main building.
And these are not preferred locations, but logistically they are the equal, so long as you don’t absolutely need to use the main pool.

Conversely, I’ve been in the preferred rooms as well and they seem to be badly situated in relation to the parking lots. Now, if you don’t have a car, none of this matters to you, but if you’ve driven in, it’s a big difference.


We have stayed at PC twice. The first time, for our honeymoon we were in the 70’s wing and the second time taking my father in law with us, we stayed in the 80’s wing. Both instances the walk was not too long. I think PC has the best food court out of the resorts which have one. Bus service was very good and not having to share the bus with any other resort is a big plus.

Hope you enjoy your stay!