POP CENTURY...coffee makers?


Quick question…does POP have coffee makers in the rooms? I was there in August and there was NOT a coffee maker! But looking at the new Disney MOMS PANEL site, a woman answered the question and said that yes, in fact EVERY room has a coffee maker! AND ONLY THE 60S SECTION IS PREFERRED!

So…what’s the truth?


The truth is that those “expert” moms aren’t so expert, are they???

Did you watch the videos?? One of the mom’s best tip is to take small children to Epcot first, and MK last??? Hello??? What???


I dont seem to remember POP having a coffee maker in the room, but it has been a couple years since I have stayed there. You may be able to request one though.


I didn’t watch the videos, I just read that one response and I thought the samething…EXPERT my foot! I think the surcharges for the PREFERRED rooms at POP went up to $13.50 a night, as someone posted here. If they are EXPERTS, shouldn’t they KNOW?

As for taking kids to Epcot first…she MIGHT have meant because if they go to MK first, they won’t want to go to ANY other park!

As for the Coffee Maker, I am POSITIVE the room wasn’t equipped with one. We had one we got from a DIS Shuffle, that we didn’t use anyway.


I agree with taking the kids to Epcot first. It gives them a taste of Disney. If you do take them to MK they might only want to go to MK. We are doing Epcot first this year. Coffee makers. I will call my friend she just stayed there. Hold on I will get back to you.


Ok I just spoke with my friend who just stayed there. They do not have coffee makers. So sorry. If you want coffee you have to order a mini pot or something.


See, I didn’t ask this question because I want one. I asked this question because I KNEW when I was there in Aug/Sept, we didn’t have one. And the EXPERT mom on the MOM’S PANEL said there were in fact coffee makers in EVERY room. You can’t even comment back on there to say NO THERE AREN’T!!! I might send a note to Disney Corporate saying there is misinformation the EXPERTS are dishing out. :pinch:


Great Idea. I hate when they put supposed experts on and they can’t even answer a simple question. That should of been a no brainer. For an EXPERT!


I just wrote a note…let’s see if I get a response!


thanks! I just laughed so hard I spit on my monitor! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


First off, I must try to defend these poor moms and dad. These were supposed to be regular moms/dads that love Disney, and can share their experiences. When I filled out the “application”, I in know way considered myself to be an expert, but believe me, I would have been thrilled to have been chosen. I would hate to think that people would be so upset if I got an answer wrong. JMO.


so not even funny but I’m still laughing!

Where ya been! When can we go sell timeshares to benefit ----- US!

Miss you!


I hear ya…but they are giving WRONG information. They should at least check to find out what is accurate before they respond.


I understand your point, Daisee, but the panel was formed to give families information on planning a vacation to Disney. Now if you asked them a question and the responded incorrectly as with the coffee makers, wouldn’t you be a tiny bit upset to arrive at the Pop and find they do not have them?

I think the panel should stick to questions involving planning, not specifics. That should be handled by speaking with a CM directly.

As for taking the kids to Epcot first ~ I still don’t buy it, lol. I understand the thinking behind that but there’s is no park nearly as magical as MK. Just my opinion.


Where is this Disney mom website. I need to check it out!


Well, considering we just stayed in a “preferred” room in the 60s (building 4) I’m an expert.
NO COFFEE POTS! And wouldn’t I have been mad if I’d brought coffee from home to make, only to discover no coffee maker. Plus only combination shampoo/conditioner, not part of the H2O line that’s in mods and deluxes.

Then there’s the week I was at Universal’s Portofino working the annual Seagrams convention. I walked across Kirkman to the all night Walgreen’s to buy a full sized coffee maker. OK, there was a good reason, and it had nothing to do with in room coffee. I was away from home for a week and I need my sweet iced tea and the only way to make it is with a full sized coffee maker. OK(2), the coffee maker and all the rest of my stuff was kept back stage, not in the room and the whole outfit became part of my touring equipment kit.


Yeah! The nerve of some people to call themselves “experts”.


I didn’t think the value resorts included coffee pots…glad to know I’m not crazy.:blink: :laugh: Of course wouldn’t be an issue as I don’t drink coffee:cool: The combination shampoo conditioner wouldn’t work for me though. That type of shampoo just ads frizz to my hair:pinch: I usually bring my own though…so…


Wow this is a really hot topic. Everyone just needs simma down now


I bring my own shampoo too, but it’s because I’d been using a medicated shampoo for my psoriasis and now I’m using Pantene. But the H2O stuff isn’t bad for emergencies.