POP for adults?


Feedback please :blink: My sister and I have decided to take a quick trip in November to celebrate her birthday. We’re looking at the POP Century but have never stayed there before. Also, this will be our first trip without loads of family and kids. Any suggestions for a couple of big kids? Thanks in advance for your comments!


I think POP is fine for any age. It’s perfect for a quick, cost effective trip for two big kids. Have a great time!!


as for things to do without the kids look at doing one of the tours.


My best friend’s parents stay at POP every time they go whether they’re with us (we’re big kids, both in our 20s) or alone. We’re all going down in July and we’re staying at POP as well. It will be my first time staying their but I trust their judgement!

They also say POP has the most delicious cheesecake. I’m definitely going to have to try some. :happy:


Pop century is fine for any age.


My wife and I stayed first week of December 09 is was great. nice to the different things from all years


Thanks everyone!


Other than the small beds, it’s fine.
We’ve stayed there several times now.


Before we had DVC, we stayed at POP several times. Our last trip we stayed one night (to save on weekend points) and my DH was a little sad when we checked out. He said he had good memories of staying there.


Personally I think POP is more for the adults. It will bring back so many memories or it did for me! I like staying there for a quick trip.


Couldn’t say it better.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1034405]Other than the small beds, it’s fine.
We’ve stayed there several times now.[/QUOTE]

This is what I was thinking. My ds’s are 6’ and 6’2", so they were not comfortable at all, but other than that, it’s cute and clean.


Weve only stayed at pop once but it is super cute ours was a quick 2 night trip for a tournament at Wide World of Sports. The pools are nice the food court is awesome and the nostaliga is great!


DW and I love POP. We have stayed in the 50s, 70s, and 80s and have enjoyed all of them. POP is actually the first place we check when we are planning a trip. You can see on my list below, we have stayed there several times!


In fact, we will be checking in there in on Wednesday!


I love POP. When all you need is a place to sleep and shower, it’s the greatest. Spend your days and $$ in the parks!


Buzz - I’m jealous…my digit dance is still 165ish but I’m still happy because it’s Disney! thanks for all the feedback gang, I’m feeling much better about the decision.


Totally agree. POP is beloved by everyone in my family. And that ranges from infants to over 50!

It’s a great resort. My favorite one! And I’ve stayed at value, moderate and deluxe. I’d take POP over Yatch Club again any day!


I think POP is better for adults. We are able to relate to the time era’s better.


I think the rooms are perfect for 2 people of any age. The resort is great!