POP is being refurbished


Allears has some pictures from the 70s refurbished rooms. i think it looks nice!
Pop Century Photos


It does look very nice :slight_smile: I can’t wait to stay there again!


Pop is my favorite resort and now my daughter Kate is working at the front desk for her college program so if you see her say hi!


We stayed in the 80’s section in December and I hated every minute of it. Our room needed a good cleaning and a def refurb.

2nd Star, love your avatar!


2nd Star, love your avatar![/QUOTE]

Thank You!!


We are going in May does any pone know if any of the other buildings have been updated?


looks nice :slight_smile: I love the bed spread…wish I could get one of those!


same question here!!!


Wow! I didn’t realize there was a POP refurbishment under way. That is great! I stayed there in November for the first time and loved it. It’ll be even better with some freshened up rooms!


cute updates, but am surprised, the resort is only 5yrs old


CUTE!! we will be staying there in October!


I am glad to see that I know it is only five years old but just think about how much a room can go thru in five years. Can’t wait to stay in Dec.


I wonder why they would refurbish the Pop before the All Stars? Seems odd.


There are missing drawers. Our family usually stays for 7 days at POP - there were three large drawers and three small drawers - now it looks like only three large drawers - how can we fit our stuff???

New tvs are nice, but I need drawers!!


yeah that is true, and I guess it’sgood to do it now before it gets run down.


Especially AS Movies:blow: