Pop legendary years?


Hello! Just got back from Pop and at the end of the Generation Gap bridge I noticed that there was previous construction for the Legendary Years section. Does anyone know if they still plan to complete this part of Pop? Thanks!


There are rumors that POP will be rebranded as Disney’s Animation Inn and Suites with the Legendary Years section becoming 2 and 3 bedroom Family Suites. It will be interesting to see if this comes to be!


I hope they do as I feel Disney needs more Family oriented and priced suites
The Deluxe are just too much on a Family budget


OMG I would love this… my family would like a 2 and 3 bedroom suite.

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they will have some dvd’s in the family suites in the POP Legendary years?


I remember reading something along these lines on allears. It just seems like such a shame that this has been sitting there for so long and they haven’t decided what to do.


:simba::goofybounce::cheshire: We just got back today and there are 2 buildings that have not been completed, but it looks like there is some activity around there, What is the second building to the left of the bridge?