Pop or as movies




Nope, no reason, stay with Pop. :smile:


I say stay with POP also


Other than wanting to try something different and stay at another resort there’s no reason to switch.


We have stayed at both resorts and like POP better. Although, as DisneyTeacher mentioned, if you are looking for something different give ASM a try. Both kids (8 and 4 at the time we stayed at ASM) enjoyed and could better relate to the larger than life icons at ASM.


No…one reason why. BUS SERVICE!

Keep in mind that POP has it’s own bus service going directly to/from there whereas ASM is the LAST stop in the AS section and the busses are usually filled or wait time is longer.


The only reason to go to Movies is if you are looking to try another resort. If that’s not the case, stay at Pop where you know you like it. I am a firm believer is sticking with what you know you will enjoy.


I agree, stay with Pop. The fact that they have their own bus is a major bonus for me.


I agree with everyone else…STAY WITH POP!


Ok,Ok…you guys are making me nervous now. We decided this year to get two ajoining rooms instead of staying at a moderate for more space. We chose ASM…why is everyone saying not to stay there? It’s not bad right?


I agree with everyone,stay with Pop.


No, it’s definately not bad! When I used to stay value as a florida resident we’d always choose ASM. I just prefer Pop because it doesn’t share buses, it’s newer, and I personally think the food court is better. Although, there is nothing wrong with ASM, the only value that I think is terrible is All Star Sports but that’s just my opinion.


Definitely stay with Pop. One bus stop is a great thing.


Other than the bus stop deal. Is there anything.


I dont have any kids, so I havent stayed at either, but they do look pretty fun. I like the gigantic themed decorations they use at all of them.


I agree with the majority and say stay with POP. Although, I would get a Suite at ASM before getting two rooms at POP. How many people do you have?


2 adults 3 children. is the suite much more?


Don’t do it!!
We did the same thing!
POP is WAYYYY better.
Movies is not up to POP standards.

Stay with POP!
It’s get better rooms.
A better set up.
Better gift shop.
And better buses!


Pop or Movies?
Looks bad either way to me.
After all, Pop will rot your teeth while Movies will rot your brain.:laugh:

The only real differences between the 4 value resorts come down to this:
Pop Century doesn’t share its buses, but the buildings are all 4 stories tall, so the total number of rooms is 3000. Parking can be a bitch.
The All Stars share some, but not all buses. However, the three bus stops are relatively close to one another, so it isn’t that long of a ride to the parks.
Each All Star has only 2000 rooms, but all three combined add up to 6000 rooms! But parking isn’t as bad as at Pop.
Food is about the same, pizza window and food court.
The rooms are exactly the same. The same size and furnishings except for minor differences owing to theming.
For me, it’s probably a coin flip.


Everyone is making me nervous now…we stayed at POP in September but when we return in March, we are staying at Movies (in a preferred room)…is it really that much of a difference?? Also, are the ‘preferred’ rooms at Movies close to the bus stop?? or just close to the Pool and Main Buildings?