Pop pools vs. AS Music pools


I have stayed at pop century and loved their pools. Especially the pop up sprinklers for my children. But how are the pools, and does AS movies Have a pop up sprikler area for the children?


Virtually the same. I particularly like the Fantasia Pool at ASMo. I don’t know about the sprinkler area.


Here’s a pretty good link with a TON of photos of all the pools at All Stars.

Walt Disney World Pool Photos - All Star Resort Pools - Page 1


OK I totally read that wrong, so I am editing.
I don’t think the All Stars have the Pop up jets. Just Pop century. I think All Star Movies has some type of spray fountain near the main pool, but not pop up jets.
That will teach me not to reply to posts until I have had at least 1 cup of coffee.


All star Music has a pool with the 3 Cabelleros (sp) shooting water at you from the middle of the pool. The other pool is piano shaped.

Thats all I know about AS pools.



I love all the value pools equally. They are a lot of fun.