POP Praise


We just returned from a three night stay at POP. As you can see from below, we have stayed at all “levels” of resorts from the Kidani Village to POP.

I am not a huge fan of the value resorts; however, our stay this time at POP was fantastic!

  1. Very Clean
  2. Good service at Food Court
  3. Pool games at main pool each day
  4. EXCELLENT bus service (quick, etc.)

Honestly, it was a much better stay than our March stay at the CBR.


We debated staying at Pop on our trip in 9 days. I had a bad experience at Pop and have always turned toward my personal favorite, ASMu.

We stayed at Pop a week after opening and it was an unorganized mess. I am glad to see it settled out.


We have stayed there in the past and the bus system was horrible. . so bad that I wrote them a letter after.

But, it was good this time.

CBR was dirty when we were there last March.


I have stayed at POP several times and have never had anything but great service and great times. We will be there for 2 nights next week and cannot wait.


YAY! Glad everything was magical. :happy:


I am so glad that you liked your experience at POP. I was totally turned off from that resort after the reviews I read when it first opened. As time went on, they found their operational rhythm and the reviews improved over time. Even then I wasn’t sold on it. Due to a financial situation at the time, I had to either downgrade my room category or cut days off from trip. Because I would rather stay longer, I decided to try POP. I am thrilled with that decision. Besides the horrible people on the buses, the resort was perfection. I would never stay there if I didn’t have a car, but I would stay there again in a second.


It’s a wonderful thing. I really want to go there.


I think you find more and more people opting to spend less on the hotel.


So glad everything worked out so well for your trip.


I agree 100%. I have had a couple of less than stellar stays at the All Stars and had always been reluctant to try Pop as a result. I stayed there a couple of years ago traveling with some friends on a tight budget. I was not that excited going in but ended up LOVING the resort. I would definitely stay there again. The food court was great, the rooms were super clean and we had no trouble with the buses. However, my overall favorite thing about Pop was absolutely the attitude of virtually EVERY CM we encountered there. They were all fantastic and embodied that Disney spirit.

So glad you enjoyed your stay.


We love the POP that is our favorite resort of all the values. They do have the best food options too.


So glad you had such a great stay! I love Pop!


I LOVE the Pop Food Court. I really think its the best on property, with the possible exception of Sunshine Seasons! Glad you enjoyed your stay!


This is the only value resort we’ve ever tried and we were pleasantly surprised. Glad to hear you liked it also.


Pop was so much better the time I had a car.


We stayed there for one night a couple years ago. It was the same for us, very clean, nice, great front desk, etc. I would recommend it any time. We stayed at All Star Music this summer one night and liked it more, but I would never turn down Pop.