POP Question


We have noted on our reservation that we would like a king room. Do any of the king rooms have a bathtub or do they all have the showers for handicap rooms? If they are all showers I might withdraw my request.


i, myself, don’t know the answer to this question, as this upcoming september will be the first time i will stay at POP. i will be interested to see what the answer to this question is, although i don’t think i will cancel my request one way or the other. i usually take showers anyway.

although a nice relaxing bath while on vacation does sound nice… lol


My understanding is that the King bedrooms are also the handicapped access rooms at POP and they will have only showers, but I could be wrong.


I have been reading on other boards (sorry :crying: ) that they have both on the King rooms. Some have showers only but they do have some that have both. I think I will just take my chance and leave my request alone and see what we get. They did say that if you get a room with a shower only that it comes with a fridge for free.