POP room suggestions?


I booked POP for the end of August and went for the preferred sections after our extra long jaunts to the room at ASMu last December. We figured it was worth the extra $10/night!

I am wondering if anyone has a preferred room or area?

We want to be very close to the food court (I need my coffee right away in the morning! :slight_smile: but not on a main walkway that is noisy. Close to a pool would be great but secondary to the food court.



Yes, and in fact, you can save your $10 per day if you’re lucky. The Lady building in the 50’s section is partly preferred and partly standard…in the same building. The back of the building is super quiet, and in front is the bowling pin pool. It is the first building to the right as you walk out of the Main Hall. Absolutely the perfect location! oh, and if you are staying awhile, it also houses the laundry…bonus!


We stayed lady building, back side (preferred) and it was PERFECT. Quiet, we were 3rd floor so we didn’t even take the elevators, we just went up the stairs (first right from main building) and our room was about 7 down. The quiet pool was on the front side of the building. I would definitely request this room again.


I second the Lady building. It’s my favorite location because it seemed fairly close to the main building and to the bus waiting area. It was also fairly quiet.


Thanks for the info :slight_smile:
So, the backside of the Lady building is the quiet area?

I did see that part was not preferred but I went for the “sure thing” and paid a little more. I am so not a gambler! My DD made me promise I would never ever again get a room that far away from the main building!

We do full days at the parks so by the time we get back, an extra walk to the room is torture! Not to mention the morning coffee thing…
Any ideas on room numbers to ask for?