Pop Warner week ~ POFQ ~concerns


this year the dates are Dec. 7-13.

we will be arriving on Fri. the 12th at POFQ.

i understand from other threads that they spill over into POR & POFQ from the AS resorts.

if the competition is over on Sat. the 13th, can we expect to see them pretty much clear out that Sun. or Mon.?

who has been there that can give me some first hand info. on what to expect crowd wise at POFQ resort?? not worried about the parks, i understand they really don’t impact the parks so much.

thanks :C)


They were at POR a couple times when we were there and the only impact they had is in the food mart. They pretty much fill it up at breakfast time and leave it a total mess after they’re done. :angry: The cm’s sure earn their pay when they’re there.


I am also interested in this question/concern. We will be there Dec. 9-15 @ pop. I hope that I don’t regret staying there, I could not help myself, it was sooo cheap!


We had an unpleasant experience with them at POR and POFQ. But for the most part, if you arrive on the 12th, you won’t have to put up with them for too long.


The competition ends on the 13th as long as the weather holds. It may spill over to the 14th. That’s when those who have decided to stay will leave. School is open on the 15th. That being said, I would stay away from the MK on Sunday.


…getting off the POFQ topic…but…i didn’t think that they had much impact at the parks.

we are planning on doing MK on the 13th & 14th, (Sat. & Sun.) should i switch that MK day (Sun. ) to AK?? or does it really not matter??


bumping…looking for more advice! :C)


We stayed at POR a few years ago during the last two days of POP Warner and the only impact they had for us was the crowd level at the pool in the afternoon and at night with the noise when returning to their rooms.

Some of the boys could get rowdy in the pool and the lifeguards were getting very aggitated.

We did not see too much as far as more crowds at the parks.

We also had cheerleaders during the same time. They were harmless.


They DO impact the parks… in the sense that there will be a Pop Warner event that closes a park to all other guests (last year it was the Studios, I don’t know if it’s always that park?).

We should have looked at the schedule better… I simply didn’t expect that for a random night the Studios would be closed… we missed the Osbourne Lights because it was our last night, and we were disappointed.

So this is just a friendly note to check the schedule an extra time! I plan and plan and plan, and I still missed this.


…from all i’ve seen online it looks like everything takes place at DISNEY WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS

i have never heard anyone mention before about a park closing all together for 1 night!

wonder what park it will be this year, because that will definitely impact our plans for that day / night.

thanks for the heads up.