POP w/free dining!


Can I just tell you how excited I am!? I am booking it tomorrow!!! We are going to stay 9/26-10/1 at the POP again. I am going to upgrade to the deluxe dining and forgo the park hopper. Its only about 50 more! Plus we get an extra day in the park! YAY! Ooooh, I am so excited!!!


W00T sounds like a great plan!


$50 per person? We always forgo Park Hopper & just plan accordingly. I guess I just need to price it both ways (Value with the dining plan upgrade or Mod with free dining) to see which would save us the most. :confused:


Also if you have kids 9 and under price it with the kids stay and play free. I can save more with that than with free dinning and I am doing the deluxe dinning. Just a thought


thanks for the tip- will do!


Wow! I’ll be staying at Pop too from 9/25-10/1!! I upgraded to the dining plan right above the quick-service plan! So excited!


I cant get over how good of a deal it is. Pop for the week, with 6 day base ticket and DELUXE dining. is not even $1500. It was only and extra $200 total to bump it to deluxe. would have been $120 for regular. I know my bf was disappointed last year that we had to do QS for some of the meals, and a few came out of pocket. But the way I am planning, we will actually have 2 EXTRA meals. We are probably arriving late on the 26th and leaving early on the 1st. So, I already have a ressie for the Yachtsman!!! yay! lol


The Mrs and I just did POP near X-Mas w/ free dining.
It was amazing the QS at pop was excellent the Chicken Parm w/ pasta was huge and the dessert ICe cream Sundae enough for 3 never mind 1


Sounds great we will be there in Aug