Have ressies at POP for 9/9-9/16 my 3 year old granddaughter is going should I request ground floor or higher in preferred building?


Not sure what to request with respect to a little one (there are elevators), but ever since I started hearing about bugs and critters getting into ground floor rooms, I’ve always requested higher floors…


ewww…where did you here about bugs and critters getting buildings?


I don’t remember. Some trip report or something somewhere. But they were talking about geckos coming into their room and finding big ole’ bugs and things. Didn’t sound too appetizing. Now, of course, all of that could happen on a higher floor, too, but they seemed to think it was because of the ground level.

Take the opinion with a grain of salt as I have no proof, but I’d rather not test the hypothesis… :laugh:


Is there any preferred building on top floors that fireworks are visable?:biggrin:


I have always found the ground floors to be a bit noisey as everyone walks by at all times of the day and night. If you are on a higher floor you will only get those people going to their rooms.

If I remember right we could see fireworks in the very distance for the very end of the top floor of one of the eightys buildings but it has to be a very clear day/night because they are a long long way away!


Someone told me you can see illuminations from the top floor of one of the buildings!


Oooh! Fun!!! I’d love more info on seeing the fireworks from the buildings.


We stayed on the ground floor (50’s building) in November, and didn’t have a problem with critters or noise. But we were only there for 2 nights, so a longer stay may have changed things! :laugh: Our room was right at poolside, and it was great to be so close.



personally we love the 90’s building and the higher the floor the better the view …but that is just us :slight_smile:


We were on the bottom floor in the back of POP 70’s section by the lake. It was a small trek to the food court and pools but not horrible. The only thing I found annoying were the workers speeding around on their golf carts all the time. But no bugs and the view of the lake was very nice and peacful.


Last week we stayed in the second floor of the 80’s building at POP. I would request a groundfloor room next time because with the stroller, you need the elevator. It was just a slight pain in the neck, though! FYI, the pool was quite busy (and loud) past midnight- if you sleep lightly, you might want a room that doesn’t face a pool!