Popular MNSSHP Costumes?


I have never been to this party and I am thinking about costumes. I am sure it is impossible to find a unique costumes with this many people, but I would like to avoid costumes that are extremely popular. I am guessing pirates and princesses are a dime a dozen. Any suggestions of what to avoid and/or costumes ideas.

We are a family of 5 and I am going to try to theme them all together.


In past years, I’ve seen plenty of Incredibles.
I can’t clearly recall others, but count on Disney themes for many.


LOTS of pirates. Also lots of Minnie Mouses. We went as Alice in Wonderland characters and there were quite a few of those in various styles.


If I can only figure out how to costume myself as Dug the Dog.

(Yes, lots and lots of pirates, how could I forget, and you’ll be up to your arm pits in princesses too)


Maybe it’s because of who I’m helping every single party and that’s the crowd who comes to me, BUT EVERY NIGHT SO FAR 1 OUT OF 3 FAMILIES ARE PIRATES!!! I actually did that statistic while on set one night, and sure enough every 3rd or 4th family had pirates within them. :laugh:


I was going to suggest pirates. :pirate: Surely, there won’t be any other pirates. :laugh:

That may explain the lack of RUM!


I admit it now - I’m going to the Pirate shop and get the face painted. It’s a pirate’s life for me. Yo ho


I was thinking of dressing the 5 of us up like the original Mickey Mouse Club Mousketeers. I am sure we wouldn’t be the only ones, but do you see a lot of them?


Ooh, I like the original mouseketeers idea! You may not be the only ones to think of it, but I still think it’s more original than pirates, princesses, and the like. Another theme that I think would be cute is Mary Poppins and Bert.


Not so much. Most people these days aren’t that familiar with the original show.


[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;994759]I was going to suggest pirates. :pirate: Surely, there won’t be any other pirates. :laugh:

That may explain the lack of RUM![/QUOTE]

Well that, the lack of a duty free shop in WDW, and the overall ban of alcohol in the MK.


I love the Mary Poppins idea, but themeing 5 of us in Mary Poppins may be more work for me than I want. I also thought the Mouseketeer costumes would be really comfortable to walk around in. The kids will be 17, 7 and 4. Between the DH and the 2 youngest, I need to keep things comfortable to head off possible complaints!


Cute idea! I don’t think I saw any Mouseketeers on the night of our party.

Yes, definitely go for comfort. We had to make some last-minute adjustments to our costumes… our Mad Hatter found out he couldn’t walk in his shoes and our March Hare found out he couldn’t breathe through his rabbit nose… :laugh:


Good point. You do have a broad range of ages, and Mouseketeer costumes would address that in a creative and comfortable way. The point is to have fun, and it’s hard to have much fun in the parks wearing NORMAL clothes/shoes if they aren’t very comfortable, so I’m sure the polyester costumes a lot of folks wear to MNSSHP can be a pain. I think you should go for it!


This is why I use the same costume every year: “tourist on vacation”.


we just wore our halloween ears. my girls were minnie and ariel. they were hard to find lol! saw lots of alice in wonderland. my FAVORITES were a couple and an older wheelchair woman wearing roger rabbit and jessica rabbit outfits and the woman in the wheelchair was dressed as a taxi cab!!! too cool! and another lady dressed her baby up as a flower and put light and flowers on her stroller! it looked so anne gedes!!! i saw lots of star wars families too!


Now why didn’t I think of that??