POR Do they provide shampoo?


Just wandering if I should pack these items?




There is shampoo in all the resorts, it’s a small bottle but you should get a new one about every day.


they provide shampoo, question is, is that what you want to use on your hair?
I find that usually in hotels, it isn’t the best quality. I use something at home that makes my hair not stand up like that of a Orangutan’s :laugh:


Same here but that doesn’t stop me from bringing it all home! :laugh:


Looks like your question has been answered well but I just wanted to pipe in and say have FUN AT WDW!!!
I am so jealous!


Some hotels do provide nice stuff. I’ve even gotten Pantene at a Best Western and some of the best condtioner I’ve ever gotten, I got in Finish hotels (I suspect it was St. Ives).
You should get shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, and shower gel in your room every day. I say should because our room at POFQ came without toiletries or soap. Granted, this was a slip up and we had our own soap and shampoo anyway. I mean, when was the last time your room had Jergen’s defoliating soap and medicated shampoo?


Of course, that’s the one thing one cannot leave WDW without :laugh:


It can be easier to bring your own because the bottles are quite small and you might not even like the stuff when you get there!


Thanks guys! I pretty much planned on bringing my own stuff from home, but I was wondering more for the kiddos!!!

Flying out tonight!!!



LOL… I do the same thing. I am glad I did though because the kids school was collecting all kind of samples size items for care packages for the troops. I figured a little Disney Magic might help make their day.


I bet it did :happy:


I love the shampoos at the hotels. Thats the 1st thing I look for.


Whatever happened to hotels providing shower caps and mouthwash?


Yup, but we always bring our own and save the ones they give to us, because when we get home we are always a little sad and it cheers us up!!


Some still do… we noticed that most of the hotels we stayed at in California still provide those.


I think I remember that we got a lot more of that stuff when we stayed at Boardwalk than when we stayed at POR. I think the more expensive the hotel, the more junk you get in the room… maybe? :laugh:

The shampoo and soaps are adorable, and they smell great. :wub:


Who need shampoo anyways? You can wash up at Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids! :wink: :tongue:



I actually brought home a small number of these little Disney shampoos and soaps from my last WDW trip… :whistling

I always bring my own shampoo and soap on my trips. I prefer MY brand over the generic Disney varieties. But the Disney shampoo and soap are quite cute and SOMEONE back home always wants one! :blush:


If it’s not there, you can ask for a shower cap. Not sure about mouthwash lately. I usually have my bottle of Scope anyway.
Them little soaps work good for hand washing at home.
Them little shampoos come in handy when you suddenly run out of your favorite too.


Them little shampoos don’t work well as mouthwash. Why do they leave them on the counter top next to the sink? :laugh:


Um, you still need the shampoo! Unless you are gonna wash your hair with dirt :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: